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Fight AIDS by donating your unused smartphone time

By Milton Este     Aug 18, 2013 in Technology
Want to fight AIDS without shelling out a single penny? Seems too good to be true? So what's the catch? This interesting concept lies within fighting AIDS by installing World Community Grids' application on your smartphone.
DVICE outlines one of the most costly research barriers:
FightAIDS@Home is a project through which scientists are seeking new and more efficient drugs to treat HIV. To do this, they require a supercomputer, which generally runs them about $1,000 an hour.
$1,000 an hour for a supercomputer is quite costly so these scientists sought another solution, which is an Android application.
A new Android application allows users to donate their unused computing time such as when sleeping. The device just needs to be connected to the internet, plugged in, and charged. If everyone can contribute a small part, the network of phones make up a quasi-supercomputer for use by scientists.
The use of the smartphone network is called "FightAids@Home". Scientists working here are searching for a new drugs to treat the HIV virus. This project is run by Olson Laboratory and The Scripps Research Institute. This is powered by IBM's World Community Power Grid.
Previously, sponsored projects could only work on idle desktops and laptops. The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing or BOINC Android application went live on July 22, 2013 and has been installed over 50,000 times. This Android application can be found in the Google Play store under the name "BOINC". For non-Android users who wish to contribute, the desktop version is also available through the FightAids@Home site.
CNN states the advantage of the smartphone network can potentially cut down over 30 years of research to just one, read more below:
One project working to identify drugs to treat a tropical disease called schistosomiasis is expected to cut down its research time from about 30 years to one year or less by taking advantage of the smartphone network, in addition to the donated PCs on the World Community Grid. Fishkind expects more projects to be make use of the Android app down the road
This application will literally allow you to save the world while you sleep so what are you waiting for?
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