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article imageNew Doctor Who in The Thick of It (VIDEO)

By Mathew Wace Peck     Aug 18, 2013 in Entertainment
(Warning: video contains strong language.)
Two weeks on from the news that Peter Capaldi will take over from Matt Smith as Doctor Who, and not a day has gone by without the man formerly known as spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker being out of the news.
Up till now, the part most associated with Capaldi has been the foul-mouthed spin-doctor from Armando Ianucci’s The Thick of It and In the Loop.
That will all change later this year when Capaldi appears as the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who for the first time.*
It was inevitable, following the Scot’s unveiling as the new Doctor Who, that there would be references to Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker alter ego; and not surprising that the tabloid press would ask stupid questions about whether the actor would tone down his foul language once he enters the TARDIS.
What’s more surprising perhaps was a headline in the broadsheet newspaper, the Guardian: “Doctor Who: will Peter Capaldi exterminate the swearing?”.
Peter Capaldi is the actor who played a foul-mouthed character in a fictional drama. He has now been cast as the Twelfth Doctor in another fictional drama. Doctor Who is not real life (and I say that as someone who is a bit OCD as far as Doctor Who is concerned). Why, therefore, would anyone think that the Twelfth Doctor would be foul-mouthed? Beats me.
That all said, it’s fun to imagine an all-swearing, obnoxious Doctor aboard the TARDIS. On the night that Capaldi was unveiled on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, the comedian and actor Jack Whithall (Bad Education) tweeted, “Malcolm Tuckers the new Doctor. cant wait to see him tell a Dalek to go and f**k it's [sic] self!”
Matthew Sweet, writing in the i newspaper and the Independent, summed it up, saying, “By this afternoon, parents all over Britain will be horrified to discover that their internet-savvy kids are au fait with Malcolm Tucker’s foulest insults.”
Well, a starting point would be the fan-made Doctor Who / The Thick of It-mashup video Malcolm Tucker IS Dr Who! (above). It’s a hoot.
The video, which is the work of YouTube blogger Pete Nottage, sees Capaldi as Tucker swearing his way through space and time with the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Colman).
As Digital Spy says, “If nothing else, [it] treats fans to a preview of Capaldi saying phrases such as ‘time travel’ and ‘robots’, over the top of an epic score.”
Doctor Who returns to TV screens in November for two specials: Mark Gatiss’s 90-minute An Adventure in Space and Time, which stars David Bradley as the First Doctor, and Steven Moffat’s 50th-anniversary feature-length episode, which unites Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor with David Tennant’s Tenth.
Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will make his debut in Smith’s swan-song episode, this year’s Moffat-penned Christmas special.
* This won’t be Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut, however. In 2008, he appeared, as Caecilius, with Tennant in The Fires of Pompeii, by James Moran.
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