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article imageReview: Pet Express defines bad service by not following order slip Special

By Maria Elisa Anacay     Aug 18, 2013 in Odd News
Manila - Animal lovers bring their pets to animal groomers because they believe that their pets would get superb service. Find out how Pet Express measured up to one pet owner's standards.
Pet Express is among the more popular pet supply store in the Metro. Aside from having affordable kibbles, treats, and other pet supplies, they also offer veterinary care and grooming services. It is with the last item that I will base this narrative.
I have a seven-month-old shih tzu named Chance. He owns a very proud fur and is canoodled by everyone in my family. That being said, it is only to be expected that Chance is well-loved and looked after. Despite this however, he had some tangles thanks to his daily romps.
I brought him to Pet Express in the Mall of Asia because I was in the vicinity and wanted Chance to experience a different groomer. I asked one of the groomers about the different cuts and motioned to one pet that had a round, flat fur. The groomer replied that the dog has an unruly mane and the cut would look unflattering to Chance because my shih tzu had silky hair. We ended the deal with me signing up for a trim with specific instructions that the groomers could do their magic without cutting the hair too short, because I don't want my dog to have short hair. After all, aside from a few tangles there is nothing wrong with Chance's hair.
So I left him to the care of the groomers and came back after five hours. When I got there, Chance was still being attended to. I looked around excitedly and was in for the shock of my life: Chance is sporting a very, very short hair.
For the sake of comparison, this is what he looked before and after:
Given what happened, you can expect that I was extremely upset. I gave specific instructions that his hair must not be cut short and only asked for a trim: the groomer had the gall to tell me that since I have cut Chance's hair before, he thought that a summer cut would be more fitting. Again, and I cannot reiterate this enough: I signed up for just a simple trim.
Needless to say, what followed next was a long discourse and bickering. I was adamant that they compensate me for not following instructions and ruining my dog's hair. The store manager said that the best he can do is to give the grooming service for free. What is 450 pesos ($10) in comparison with my dog's lost fur? The manager even said, "Hindi naman nasaktan yung aso, hindi naman nasira yung balahibo. Ayaw niyo lang po ng gupit." ("The dog was not harmed, the fur is not destroyed. You just did not like the cut.")
Of course not! I specifically asked for a trim cut, after all. Even the order slip taped to the cage states that Chance, a shih tzu, is in for a trim. What's so hard to understand about that?
Perhaps had the situation been diffused more efficiently, I would not be moved to writing this review. But the constant reiterations that he could not do anything (except to give me the grooming for free), that the dog's fur was not destroyed and I just did not like the cut (really, regardless of the order slip that specifically indicated that I wanted a trim?), and the number of times he implied that I should be okay with the free service since my dog was not harmed really pushed me.
The issue is that they failed to deliver on the service I signed up. Aside from not delivering, they ruined my dog's hair which eradicates opportunities for him, should I want to sign him up for a dog show or as a potential stud in the next three months. His hair would take a long time before it reverts to its original length and glory. By having groomers who thought they knew more than what the owner wanted, they disappointed me to the point that I would not be going back to their store.
With that, I would end this review. If you want your dog to be groomed efficiently, avoid Pet Express in MOA. There's no telling what their "experienced" dog groomers would do to your dog.
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