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article imageOp-Ed: Teen blogger hits paydirt, gets hated, starts mag empire

By Paul Wallis     Aug 17, 2013 in Lifestyle
Sydney - Tavi Gevinson could be the poster girl for Making It Yourself. She started a blog called Style Rookie at 11. She’s written for Harper’s Bazaar. She started copping flak from the fashionsnitchers at an early age, too.
She’s in Sydney now for a meeting with fans- At the Opera House.
Sydney Morning Herald:
She's editor-in-chief of an influential online lifestyle magazine that is viewed by millions and has a staff of 80 people, hangs out with Zooey Deshanel and Thom Yorke and has been called the “future of journalism” by Lady Gaga.
And she's just 17.
Not exactly dull, is it? I decided to do a bit of research into this kid, and came up with an interesting series of findings:
First, check out Wikipedia on the subject of her success:
There was a backlash to Gevinson's early success in the fashion industry. New York Magazine questioned whether it was possible for Gevinson to write her blog without "some help from a mom or older sister". Sarah Mower of The Daily Telegraph, while conceding that Gevinson had a "truly independent, original voice", criticized her father for taking her out of school "to go to haute couture shows ... It's hard to imagine a kid being able to come back down to reality." A Grazia fashion editor complained on Twitter that a large bow worn by Gevinson had blocked her view of a runway during fashion week. Anne Slowey of Elle felt her success was "gimmicky" and commented, "She’s been thirteen for, like, the last four years."
Well, gesundheit. Only in the fashion industry are people considered professionals for being selectively wrong. Gevinson is generating business for the industry, which is more than most of you plankton are doing. It's also the only industry which doesn't recognize the need for a lot of young talent to be successful, to keep the industry alive.
Is it possible for kids to write well? Yes it damn well is, it’s just that alleged adults don’t pay any attention. Nor is “school writing” much of a clue, given the banal range of subjects. Or are they saying that teenage girls are by definition morons?
What reality? She’s still in high school, or is research too big a word when writing your priceless BS? What’s she supposed to be doing? Learning to be a checkout chick/waitress/collection of medical conditions, which is what most of her generation is doomed to do? Get real, or at least admit going for better options is a much smarter move.
How do you go psychotic over someone wearing a bow? Like that.
13 for the last four years? Read the damn publicity, cretins. Not only can she run a mag, she can also apparently count, and so can her publicists and other journalists. What a coincidence.
Then there’s Rookie. Rookie is what you’d call professionally laid out. If you know anything about site design and marketing, you can see why it’s done the way it’s done. It still has a few tinges of “blog” in appearance, but it’s well organised, and goes a long way beyond fashion.
There’s a reason for that. Not entirely surprisingly, Gevinson has somehow outgrown the wit and wisdom of the fashion circus. “Lifestyle” is a huge spectrum these days, and she’s moved into feminism, about time someone with a connection with an audience did.
Any of you language-annoying so-called professionals/bozos heard of mid teen feminism? No? Amazing. What have you heard of, exactly? Grab a post-it note.
She’s handling the role well, as far as I can see. That’s good news for her generation, because it proves that someone with some talent and an intellect can achieve something despite being part of pre-discounted Generations 000/Z.
Never mind the crap, check out her site. It’s a bit of a revelation. Give her credit for being relevant, unlike the schlock usually force fed to teens.
A quote makes a point:
A lot of people on the Internet have a problem with a young person doing well.
Yeah. It says a lot about those people, and it says nothing good. Geriatric troll-trash, particularly the Instantly Disposable Farceionistas, should know better, too. Since she’s obviously a bit too nice to make the point, I’ll make it for her: She’s done all this stuff. You haven’t. Got the message?
Next time, pick on your own size. The show at the Opera House is on today, called “Tavi’s Big World”. I’m looking forward to one called “Gevinson’s Revenge.” Not that she needs it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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