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U.K. study finds more sex may lead to more money - or vice versa

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 17, 2013 in Health
A study from Anglia Ruskin Univ. in the U.K. finds that people who have the most sex make the most money. The study, which didn't include people having sex for a living, found those who have sex more than 4 times weekly earn, on average, higher wages.
Dr. Nick Drydakis is an economics lecturer at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge and is the lead researcher in the study. He bases his results on answers to a questionnaire he presented 7,500 people between the ages of 26 and 50 with in 2008. The study included both straight and gay respondents.
“Those employees having sex more than four times a week receive statistically significant highest wages,” Dr. Drydakis told CBS News via an e-mail interview.
Which came first: sex or money?
There is a catch to the results: the study wasn't able to determine if having more sex leads to generating more earnings, or if earning more wages leads to having more sex. There is a case to be made for both of those hypothesis.
On one hand, Dr. Drydakis said money can make the higher wage earner more attractive to potential sexual partners and it can buy gifts that may lead the gift's recipient to return the favor with sex. On the other hand, he notes having frequent sex increases the health, vitality, happiness and confidence of an individual, giving them a greater chance of excelling in their work and being rewarded with higher paying positions.
People having sex over 4 times weekly earned on average 5 percent more than those having sex fewer times per week. Conversely, those who had no sex at all, the study found, earned on average 3.2 percent less than those who do have sex.
"It seems that we have to consider jointly the relations between happiness, sexual activity, productivity and wages," Dr. Drydakis said.
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