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article imageAre e-cigarettes safe to use?

By Timothy Whitt     Aug 22, 2013 in Health
Some people use them as an alternative to real cigarettes, others use them because they need to quit smoking. Whatever their motivation for smoking them, e-cigarettes are growing in popularity. But are they a safe alternative to real cigarettes?
E-cigarettes offer Joyce, who has smoked since she was a teen and recently had lung cancer, "a safe alternative to my regular cigarettes." Joyce uses a rechargeable e-cigarettes with replaceable cartridges.
Dave, who uses disposable e-cigarettes to help him try and quit like cigarettes because he is not, compelled to smoke a whole cigarettes." He can take as many or as few puffs as he wants."
E-cigarettes are battery powered devices made to resemble real cigarettes. E-cigarettes release water vapor laced with nicotine which the user then inhales. Manufacturers claim e-cigarettes are a safe alternatives to real cigarettes, but some doctors disagree. Even the FDA has questioned the validity of the claims by e-cigarette manufacturers that their products are a safe alternative to cigarettes.
According to Ray Casciari, MD, FRCP, director of the thoracic oncology program and the chief medical officer at St. Joseph Hospital, in Orange, Calif, "The fact that e-cigarettes don’t produce smoke and don’t contain most of the chemicals found in combustible cigarettes may make them the lesser of two evils, but neither is a good idea."
People who use e-cigarettes are still inhaling chemicals not meant to be in their lungs. Lowell Dale, M.D. of the MAYO clinic states that, "Until more is known about the potential risks, the safe play is to say no to electronic cigarettes."
Dale also suggests people who are trying to quit smoking seek other FDA approved medications which are effective for the purpose.
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