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article imageReview: ‘The Truth About Edward Snowden’

By Alexander Baron     Aug 15, 2013 in Politics
If you know the name Edward Snowden but don't quite understand what he did, why he did it, or why Uncle Sam wants to put him behind bars, check out this 36 minute podcast.
Stefan Molyneux is a Libertarian based in Canada, and the host of Freedomain Radio. In his podcast The Truth About Edward Snowden - available on YouTube - he discusses in some depth the historical background of the Edward Snowden case from a specifically American perspective going back to the days before the foundation of the America Republic when a lawyer named James Otis argued in the courts against writs of assistance which had been issued by the imperial power, Britain.
He covers the forerunners of the NSA, the ECHELON spying programme, and some startling allegations about Windows, which may or may not be true.
What does the American Government do with all this data? If 9/11 is anything to go by, nothing useful, and the subsequent Draconian legislation didn't stop the horror in Boston earlier this year.
Did you know though that not only does Uncle Sam invade your privacy but also spies on foreign companies in order to steal their ideas and patent them first? Of course they want to see Snowden behind bars. If he gets away with this, others might, indeed will, do the same. Ah, but if only our politicians were honest, you say, all this could be avoided. Alas, the NSA lies to them too. Obama is not the problem, nor was Bush, what is needed is a total clean out of the Augean Stables, a task that in the 21st Century would be beyond even Hercules.
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