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article imageDéjà vu or plagiarism in Britain's leading soaps? Special

By Alexander Baron     Aug 11, 2013 in Entertainment
Britain's leading soap operas have some extraordinary plots, so when the same plot appears in another years later, can this really be mere coincidence?
The actress Natalie Cassidy was in the news recently, not for her role in the BBC soap EastEnders but for her own trials and tribulations as a victim of domestic abuse. She left the soap two years ago, having joined it as a pre-teen. Her character, Sonia Jackson, had given birth to a daughter at the age of 15, the child was given up for adoption, and that would have been the end of it. Except that she traces the girl to her new parents, who are conveniently killed in a car crash - though not conveniently for them - and eventually she is reunited with her daughter and doesn't quite ride off into the sunset with the father, but you get the drift.
In Emmerdale, repulsive floosie Amy got herself pregnant by local lowlife and occasional hero Cain, then gave up her baby son for adoption. Now, surprise, surprise, its adoptive parents have been killed in a freak accident involving gas poisoning, an incident that came to light in the village only by chance. Anyone want to guess the next step?
For such a small village, Emmerdale has an extraordinarily high body count, and even has its own serial killer.
Two of sleazy Cameron's murders were disguised: the first saw his mistress standing trial for the killing and getting off; the third involved smothering the victim of a car crash; only the second was left to rot in the cold earth, but as with both EastEnders and Coronation Street, the bodies don't stay buried for long. In the former, the landlord of the local watering hole was buried under his boozer. The second time he was murdered! And in Coronation Street, another victim was buried by the tragic John Stape under Carla's knicker factory. John didn't murder this one; he was given a methodical beating by another man then dropped dead in front of John and his obsessive non-mistress. Whatever, the body came to light, and now it looks as though Cameron Murray's victim number two will come to light in Emmerdale. Actually, it has already, though the police have not yet been informed for reasons totally unrelated to the actual murder, but totally selfish all the same.
Meanwhile, over in Coronation Street, another killer is about to put in a dilemma. Having burned down the street's public house, the totally useless Karl got away with it when the blame was pinned on his one-time mistress - whom he murdered in her hospital bed. This brought his total to two, the first being a lady firefighter. Now it is about to be revealed that a certain overweight schoolboy saw him leaving the building at the material time. Fortunately for Karl - so far - Craig has put two and two together and made five. Unfortunately, local cornershop keeper Dev has far better arithmetical skills, and if Craig spills the beans to him, he will produce an accurate equation. Having already contemplated murdering Dev, and coming literally within seconds of doing so, Karl may have no choice but to kill again.
Like Cameron in Emmerdale, if Karl does claim victim number three, he will almost certainly have to dispose of the body; if he does both, what are the chances of its being found? If you want to know the answer to that question, be sure to follow the right soap. Or maybe the wrong one!
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