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article imageTeens hate Facebook but can't leave

By Tyler Loveless     Aug 10, 2013 in Technology
While the number of Facebook accounts continues to grow, interest continues to decline among teens who have started turning to Twitter and Instagram.
Social media is something almost every teen indulges in but increasing stress and even boredom have teens leaving Facebook for more simple platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.
Surveys have found that 94 percent of teens have a Facebook account and while there are claims that teens are deleting their accounts, the number of accounts has actually grown by at least 1 percent since last year. But while the number of accounts remains unharmed teens still claim they are using the site less and less.
Teenagers are attributing this to several problems including, but not limited to, parents being on the site (as well as every brand, band, store, book and basically anything else you can think of), a center for drama, backhanded compliments, subtle suggestions of passive aggression, and a bombardment of unnecessary status updates.
Teens and even college students are sick of the 36 pictures of "my day at the beach," the feeling they need to catch up on the latest social gossip, the endless Farmville requests, the unnecessary commentary of the most mundane lives that produce such fascinating posts as "I just had lunch" and, perhaps most annoying of all, the horrible ads that somehow seem to think I'm interested in bands I've never even heard of.
Despite all of the annoyances we can't leave. The site has been a journal of our lives for years now and throwing that away gives a feeling of wasted time and energy (probably both are actually true). Twitter and Instagram seem to be offering what people are looking for and are clearly the biggest competition for Facebook. Although, with the numbers Facebook has, the only real threat is because of what an important demographic the switch represents.
Considering Facebook's largest form of income is from selling user information this could be a huge blow if the trend begins to pick up speed. As it turns out, buying Instagram might have been a better investment (and more important asset) for Facebook than it originally realized.
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