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article imageDavid Parry — ‘Citizen Of Hell’ Special

By Alexander Baron     Aug 6, 2013 in Entertainment
London - Last month, the play ‘Citizens Of Hell’ had its London, UK, Western and English language debut. David Parry was the man behind it.
Alexander Baron: David, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. Can I ask you why you chose this particular play to introduce Elchin Afandiyev to a UK audience?
David Parry: Towards the end of our brief premiere run, this was the play I had always envisaged. An exploration of political paranoia and sexual frustration: a spiritual dystopia. As such, performances became even more demanding for all those involved. Indeed, the very long speeches and highly destructive atmosphere proved challenging and tempestuous for the actors. Also, like most people involved in professional theatre, we would have benefited from more time in rehearsals (without the prohibitive costs), and better publicity.
AB: I gather that on the following Saturday you rubbed shoulders with the great and good of Azerbaijan. How did that go?
DP: Regarding the Ambassador's reception, the Embassy was generous to a fault. What is more, the Ambassador extended his personal support for my work once again, delivering a very fine speech. Overall, this was the most successful evening, particularly in terms of dramaturgy and cultural exchange.
AB: What about your team?
DP: I believe we will be recasting this show due to other commitments on the part of the actors. That said, our technical supports were wonderful and can hopefully stay with us. Certainly, I want to work with the artist Filip Firsov again and the designer Eva Terzoni. Moreover, Nick Pelas, John Dunne and I will be expanding my company (Allthing Ltd) into the radical voice in British Theatre. We aim to tackle those issue that our colleague shy away from.
AB: What do you think of the playwright? Obviously you know a great deal about the man and his work.
DP: On a personal level, I find Elchin a remarkable, not to mention subversive, playwright. Therefore, if I get my way, I would like to stage all 100 of his plays.
AB: What is your next project?
DP: My next arts project is more akin to Chamber Theatre a la Strindberg. It will be radical occult performance, wherein we will attempt to reach the wisdom of our ancestors through seance and ritual. Titled An Act Of Necromancy, my aim is to mix an invited audience with practitioners of the hidden arts to recover lost knowledge. It is already being advertised on Facebook and will be staged on Saturday, October 26, at a location to be arranged.
All in all, those things admitted, I suspect my work as a Heathen Priest equally needs a lot more attention. Obviously, I will keep you informed of developments.
AB: Oh yes, David Parry is also a pagan. And a lecturer. You may not believe in the supernatural, but it usually makes good theatre.
Cameron Macdowell  stage manager for the David Parry production  Citizens Of Hell .
Cameron Macdowell, stage manager for the David Parry production "Citizens Of Hell".
Fedor Toshchev
Nick Pelas  assistant director of  Citizens Of Hell .
Nick Pelas, assistant director of "Citizens Of Hell".
Fedor Toshchev
Eva Terzoni  designer on David Parry s production  Citizens Of Hell .
Eva Terzoni, designer on David Parry's production "Citizens Of Hell".
Fedor Toshchev
Not quite the Devil but some odd looking people were seen at the bar of the Theatro Technis on the o...
Not quite the Devil but some odd looking people were seen at the bar of the Theatro Technis on the opening night of "Citizens Of Hell".
Fedor Toshchev
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