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article imageReview: ‘Kill Travyon Martin’ video game — The ultimate in bad taste?

By Alexander Baron     Aug 4, 2013 in Entertainment
Sanford - Do you like bad jokes in poor taste? This may not be the sickest of them all, but it is certainly the most topical: Trayvon Martin.
If creepy ass cracker George Zimmerman had not confronted Trayvon Martin that fateful February night, man and boy might both have lived and died in total obscurity, like most of the seven billion plus other people who now inhabit this planet. If...only two letters but one of the biggest words in the English language.
Now, as the race-baiters take up the cudgels using Trayvon's tragic death to batter the White Man over the head, and as others with genuine concerns try to reform America's insane gun laws, Trayvon's legacy may be as great a contribution to popular culture as that of Casey Anthony, albeit for entirely different reasons.
There have already to date been at least two video games based on the case. Angry Trayvon was produced by a mainstream app developer but this has now been pulled after a deluge of complaints, which one suspects came largely from ordinary people rather than from the usual suspects. You can find a review of it on YouTube.
Although that game appears to have been created by a programmer or team of programmers with a sick sense of humour, the same cannot be said of Kill Trayvon Martin, which can currently be downloaded from Rapidshare. The game is slightly over 88Mb and plays without installing on your computer. The sound effects aren't bad, but once you've said that, you've said it all. Don't download this if you are easily offended.
Kill Trayvon Martin may be in poor taste, but the concept is far from new. Other tasteless games include Concentration Camp Manager, which dates from 1991, and Intifada, which is even older.
One that might just past muster is Kill Bin Laden, but again don't view this if you are offended by strong language. There is at least one other game with the same or similar name, although to date there appear to have been no complaints about it filed by the NAACP.
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