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article imageMoroccan royal pardon of Spanish pedophile 'a mistake'

By Anne Sewell     Aug 4, 2013 in World
Rabat - Convicted two years ago of sexually abusing 11 children aged between three and 15 and handed a 30-year sentence, Daniel Galván Viña has apparently been "mistakenly" pardoned by the King of Morocco.
Digital Journal reported on the protest by Moroccans over the release of the sex criminal. People from the northern African country were horrified, as he has only completed two years of his 30 year sentence.
It turned out that this was apparently a mistake. As part of festivities to mark the Feast of the Throne on Tuesday, the Moroccan king issued full or partial pardons to 1,044 prisoners.
According to Spanish media service El País, among these prisoners were 48 Spaniards, whose release had been petitioned by King Juan Carlos and brokered by the CNI intelligence agency with its Moroccan counterpart, the DGED.
Most of these prisoners had been sentenced for drug trafficking, but somehow, the name of Daniel Galván Viña mistakenly got on to the list.
Galván, 64, had been handed a 30-year sentence two years ago of abusing 11 children and the case generated such interest that a 50-minute television report received a prime-time television airing.
The CNI denies requesting Galván's release, and it is still unclear how his name got onto the list. Reportedly, in a meeting between Spanish King Juan Carlos and King Mohammed VI of Morocco, the Spanish king only personally named one prisoner, Antonio García Vidriel, asking that he be allowed to complete his sentence in Spain.
Apparently the list of 48 inmates was compiled by Morocco's Justice Ministry and prison authorities. They were considered for release by their ages, length of time served and their behavior.
Reportedly, in the meantime, Galván may crossed into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in north Africa.
The Moroccan King has promised to investigate how such a mistake could have been made.
Meanwhile, the Telegraph is reporting that Galván was released "at the request of the Spanish secret service", fueling speculation that he was a spy.
A source told El País that, "It was an agreement between the DGED [Moroccan secret service] and its Spanish equivalent."
"The Spanish insisted that he be put on the list and they achieved this," the source added.
According to Galván's lawyer, Mohamed Benjedou, Galván had told him he was an official in the Iraqi army who had collaborated with foreign secret services during the fall of Saddam Hussein.
Documents submitted by the Moroccan prison services apparently listed Galván as a "Spaniard of Iraqi origin". However, he reportedly told his lawyer that he was a retired professor at the University of Murcia.
Benjedou apparently didn't believe him:
"I did not believe him because it is impossible to do both at the same time and so far away," he said.
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