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Op-Ed: Are band-aids ‘racist’?

By Alexander Baron     Aug 4, 2013 in Politics
According to Abby L. Ferber, band-aids are a symbol of white privilege. Who is Abby L. Ferber? Sadly, she is a professor of sociology.
Not only of sociology but of Women’s and Ethnic Studies. Or perhaps that should be Wimmin's and Ethnic Studies. Can she be serious? Unfortunately yes, she is one of those people who could find racism in an egg cup. Heck, she probably does, after all, aren't most eggs light rather than dark brown or black?
Above is a short video about her silliness and related non-issues that was put together by a YouTube subscriber, who unlike Professor Ferber has a sense of humour.
We must though ask the pertinent question: Why are band-aids white? Actually, they're not, rather they are approximately flesh coloured for a white person, or a Chinese for that matter.
They are probably so coloured because they were invented by a man named Earle Dickson; you will find a sketch of him here. Like his wife, he was white; it was she who inspired him by constantly cutting herself in the kitchen.
Now it could be that band-aids are racist and a sign white privilege, or it could be that sometimes light colours just seem natural and at other times, dark ones do. You wouldn't expect to see tennis players plying their trade dressed in black, and by the same token, snooker players tend to wear black suits, even tuxedos, at the table.
Professor Ferber is so obsessed with the issue of white privilege and the resulting alleged discrimination that in December 2008 she wrote an article in which she claimed the way to oppose it is by - discrimination. In an article Turning White Men Into Victims, she outlined a number of myths, number 3 of which is:
"Affirmative Action is no longer necessary.
Reality: Affirmative Action is still necessary to dismantle past and ongoing discrimination."
Right, racial discrimination is necessary to overcome racial discrimination. Yeah, we got that.
The greatest irony of her nonsense is that like those other academic non-entities Angela (revolutionary) Davis and Charlton (Missing White Woman Syndrome) McIlwain, Professor Ferber belongs to a highly privileged, pampered minority herself. Academics of her stature (joke) - female as well as male - enjoy high salaries, comfortable hours, long holidays, high social status and all manner of freebies including having their books - whatever their true merit - subsidised by their employers and tax exempt foundations.
How many white men working for McDonald's or Walmart on starvation wages wouldn't willingly change places with a member of an oppressed minority like her?
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