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article imageWhy yoga will improve your sex life

By Jay McClung     Aug 3, 2013 in Health
The American Dietetic Association, Americans says Americans are eating more vegetables, fish, chicken, and whole grain foods. Overall, people believe that maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is very important.
A healthy diet and getting regular exercise, however, is just one facet to enjoying a long, healthy life. Incorporating a healthy and satisfying sex life is also an important aspect of a long, healthy life and it’s by no coincidence that one aspect helps the other. While good nutrition will fuel our bodies with what they need in order to do their best, recent research indicates that yoga will improve your sex life.
Research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexually dissatisfied women who took up yoga and practiced it reported higher levels of arousal, desire, and even better orgasms. One of the most obvious benefits from yoga is that increases flexibility and with more flexibility comes more blood flow to your pelvis. Increased blood flow will heighten your sensitivity and increase desire. Yoga can also help build confidence as the body becomes toned; however, the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga will also help you become more aware of yourself, your body, and your own needs in the bedroom.
Dr. Yvonne Kristin Fulbright, a sex educator, relationship expert, and founder of Sexuality Source, says, “The beauty with yoga is that, in taking care of ourselves, yoga takes care of us.” Dr. Fulbright continues to say that, “When it comes to your sex life, yoga can result in increased (sexual) sensitivity, more powerful orgasms, improved energy, a higher level of body knowledge and acceptance, greater body fitness, the ability to engage in a greater variety of sex positions, a better sense of foreplay, and it will enhance you’re your relationship.” Taking it one step further, Dr. Fulbright believes that couples who practice yoga together learn how to move and breathe together which helps them explore their true sexual potential.
To receive the benefits of yoga improving your sex life, Woman’s Day suggests performing 10 basic poses to get started: the wide-legged straddle, the shoulder stand, the child’s pose, the lizard pose, the goddess pose, the pigeon pose, the downward dog, the eagle pose, the bridge pose, and the plow pose. With all of the poses, the breathing exercises, and the meditation, yoga can not only improve your sex life, it can also help you become a lot more balanced in your everyday life. It’s clearly a benefit worth exploring.
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