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article imageInterview: Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt talks Heffron Drive Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 2, 2013 in Entertainment
On August 1, I had the pleasure to interview Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt where he spoke to me about his side project Heffron Drive, a pop-rock-electro duo with Dustin Belt.
“Each element is important because each has an advantage. Integrating pop was important because pop is the catchiest genre. Rock was essential because it is raw and full of emotion. Dance was included because it is full of energy. Heffron Drive’s music is best summed up as catchy, raw, emotion-filled, and high energy music,” he said.
According to Kendall, he remarked, “Big Time Rush gave me the opportunity to work with amazing artists and exposed me to cutting edge pop. As we came out with new albums, we got more control over the creativity, which allowed me to develop and experiment with different musical ideas. There's no doubt that the learning and experimenting I did during this time will help me with creating music for Heffron Drive.”
He revealed that he met Dustin Belt when they lived in Burbank, California. “We started talking and we discovered that we were both from Kansas and even born in the same hospital. The first time I met Dustin I thought ‘he must be a cool dude, he’s from Kansas,’ Kendall said with a laugh.
A native of Andover, Kansas, Kendall noted that a difference exists between recording in the studio and singing live. “When you record in studio, you can record the same track over and over again looking for that perfect sound. It can get pretty boring. Being around music as it's created live is incredible. When you feel the energy of the room, people jamming with their friends and their loved ones, is infectious and intoxicating. We're so physically disconnected today so when thousands of people meet to experience something together, that's amazing. That's living.”
Although Kendall has many musical inspirations in his life, some of his greatest influences include Incubus, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Kendall stated that he loves all of Heffron Drive’s songs. “‘Quiet Please’ and ‘Stand Forever’ are stand outs. I really like ‘Time Wasting,’ since it is like that first breath after you’ve been holding your breath for a while; it never is sweeter.”
On his plans for the future, the pop heartthrob shared, “I need to write and put down some new tracks. Hopefully there will be a domestic and international tour. We’ll see. I’m stoked.”
For Kendall Schmidt, his definition of success is as follows: “I’m the kind of guy that sets the bar so high that it seems darn near impossible to reach. If I ever get close, I send it up higher. I push the bar higher because it makes me learn and constantly want to become better. I don’t know when I’ll reach success, but you can be sure that if I appear close, I’ll be moving the mark up again.”
For his Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive fans, Kendall concluded, “You are all amazing, incredible, talented, fun, smart, beautiful, cool and special people. I am ever grateful for your support. This journey we are on allows us to take any number of paths so I am honored that you choose to join me on our path.”
To learn more about Kendall Schmidt and Heffron Drive, visit his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.
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