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article image'Smurfs 2' gets early start and '2 Guns' set to shoot

By Tim O'Brien     Aug 1, 2013 in Entertainment
For some reason, "Smurfs 2" found the need to get a jump on the weekend, and has already put away $5.2 million. Surely there was a reason. There always is, but, it doesn't seem like "Smurfs 2" justifies such a move.
Oh wait, since this is an animated film, it is very important to include the voice actors for this. Or maybe not. For adults, it may be cool to know that Doogie Howser and that guy from "How I met Your Mother" is one of them. Yes, the recent host of The Tony Awards and the upcoming Emmy Awards. OK, it is Neil Patrick Harris.
Now, ask the youngsters if that is why they need to go. Katy Perry, Hank Azara and Sofia Vergara also voice, among others. Now, that attitude does not necessarily hold for shows like "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy." Then again, it might to some. And, what a gig it is to get.
But, somewhere out there are is a place where out of work voice actors congregate because their jobs were taken up by A-listers. Having A-listers in those roles means more and more award shows will need to add that category. Come on, it will happen.
July 31
1. "The Smurfs 2" - 3,866 theaters
1. "2 Guns" - 3,025 theaters
2. "The Spectacular Now" - 4 theaters
3. "Europa Report"- Limited
Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg team up for a buddy action flick "2 Guns." Washington is a consistent draw and Wahlberg has his moments. Even though these films are common, the stars themselves sell it. Will they this time?
As the summer winds down with the month of August as far as the studios are concerned, the key is to bank the box office cash early on. As the month rolls on, football seeps into the picture as does back to school. The theaters have to compete with that spending.
Then after Labor Day, summer is over even though the calender doesn't say so.
Then the fall movie season is here and if it is like the summer, it will be interesting.
But, the studios will need to address the glut of the so-called blockbusters being released so close together. The budget battles will continue as well. They always do. But, with so many misfires the summer, action needs to be taken, and not just on the screen.
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