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article imageReview: Blackberry Q10 Special

By Daniel Edwards     Aug 1, 2013 in Technology
As Blackberry strives to regain relevance in the increasingly competitive smartphone market, the Blackberry Q10 was designed to appeal to the traditional Blackberry user with its QWERTY keyboard and hopefully attract new users with its revamped software.
The Blackberry brand has experienced the rewards and turmoil associated with shifts in the marketplace. Blackberry’s original device the 950, not a cell phone but a pager, was the device that made Blackberry products relevant and led to the creation of many other iconic devices in the Blackberry line up. There was a time not that long ago that the terms “pin me” or “check your BBM”, along with the question “what do you mean you do not have a Blackberry?” were synonymous with everyday life. Pagers are now just a relic of past technological innovations, and for a time Blackberry was heading down a similar path with devices that did not match the criteria of features that consumers wanted in a device. Blackberry’s recent attempt to maintain relevance in the market, the Blackberry Z10, did not fair well with consumers, but Blackberry’s introduction of a traditional designed device with new software may be the solution.
The Blackberry Q10 has the design and functionality of a traditional Blackberry with the user interface of an Android or Apple iOS device. For Blackberry fans, or simply fans of physical keyboards, this sounds like a great accomplishment, and after using the Q10 for three weeks Blackberry deserves recognition for creating an all around solid device. The Q10 has many great features, such as a newly designed larger keyboard, great battery life and useful camera features like time lapse, which make this device a recommendation for current and potential Blackberry users. The design is clean, but for a device which is suppose to assist in Blackberry regaining relevance in the market, it lacks the premium look and feel of the older model Blackberry Bold.
The Q10 feels really great in the hand, especially during a time where the majority of phones can barely fit in the users hand; it is nice to hold a device which has the perfect dimensions for daily usage. Blackberry has replaced the traditional track pad with a 3.1 inch touch screen which displays images and colours that are surprisingly crisp. Although the screen is smaller then other rival products on the market, it is great to have a touch screen and physical keyboard on the same device. Blackberry’s new operating system BB10 is based heavily on swipe gestures to navigate through the device. By swiping left or right and up and down all the features from messaging to settings can be accessed, making other rival operating systems seem slow. The operating system is a big improvement for Blackberry, but at times the learning curve can be a hassle. BB10 offers a completely different experience then other devices and it can take some getting use to.
Blackberry’s release of a device that caters to consumers who love physical keyboards and touch screens has merit. The Q10 does everything you would expect very well, but it still seems that Blackberry is missing the mark somewhere on creating a product that delivers the necessary “wow” factor to become a home run success.
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