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article imageMan claims he lost two stone on the Long Breath Diet

By Bethan Rose     Jul 31, 2013 in Food
A new diet gaining widespread exposure in Japan could help people who are struggling to lose weight. The Long Breath Diet involves breathing exercises for just two minutes per day.
Forget about calorie counting and avoiding those dreaded carbohydrates, because this dieting craze is causing a stir in Japan, and is predicted to create a buzz around the globe. According to Tofugu, there is no need for sweaty workouts and people who try The Long Breath Diet will get no cravings for sweet treats and junk food.
Miki Ryosuke, a former actor, claims to have shed two stone and five inches doing the Long Breath Diet. The 55-year-old stumbled across the weight loss technique by accident, when he was seeking out ways to relieve back pain. The method he found required him to inhale deeply and exhale with great force. He is now recognized as the inventor of the diet, which offers a cheap way to drop the pounds.
The diet is relatively simple, comprising three simple rules - take a specific position, inhale for three seconds and exhale aggressively for seven seconds. Mr Ryosuke believes that anyone who chooses to practice the weight loss method will see speedy results. His results were impressive, with the former actor losing two stone and shrinking his waist by five inches.
The Long Breath Diet can be practiced in two ways, with the first approach involving the person standing with one foot in front of the other. Most of the body weight should be distributed to the back foot. With arms held above the head, the dieter will breathe in for three seconds, before tensing the muscles and breathing out for seven seconds.
An alternative method involves the dieter tightening their glutes, while standing in an upright position. The dieter will perform the same breathing pattern, but will place one hand on their lower back and the other on their stomach. The aim of these weight loss techniques are said to strengthen the muscles and give the metabolism a boost, as a result of elevated blood oxygen levels.
Jill Johnson is the founder of a similar diet called Oxycise. Speaking to Oddity Central about the diet, he said "Fat is made up of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. When the oxygen we breathe reaches these fat molecules, it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water."
Although the diet sounds like a dream come true, don't get too excited, because many experts say that breathing for just two minutes per day is highly unlikely to provide noticeable weight loss. Richard Godfrey is chief psychologist at the British Olympic Medical Centre and he gave his opinion on the Long Breath Diet, saying "Deep breathing and gentle exercises for five minutes a day is not going to burn up enough calories to transform body shape."
Godfrey's views are supported by Professor Ian Macdonald from the School of Biomedical Sciences in Derbyshire. He responded to the claims, saying "Inhaling and exhaling too deeply can disturb the balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body needed to neutralize the blood."
Fad diets tend to come and go like the wind in Japan, but because many require an investment for products, equipment or services, the Long Breath Diet is expected to attract much attention. With so much oxygen in the atmosphere, people are expected to at least try this diet.
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