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article imageOp-Ed: Zimbabwe election waste of time and money

By Gibril Koroma     Jul 30, 2013 in Politics
Harare - I cannot understand why Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai keeps showing up election after election. If I were him I would just wait for old man Robert Mugabe to pass away peacefully and then challenge his successor in an election.
There is no way Robert Mugabe would allow Morgan to defeat him in an election in Zimbabwe; it's just not possible and Morgan and his backers probably know it.
Mugabe is resolutely against Western interests in the country and now prefers to do business with China while Morgan Tsvangirai is a staunch ally and friend of the West. This election coming up on Wednesday, like the other elections, is not just about the huge egos of the two men. It's about deadly economic interests between Western multinationals and China, the world's new economic super-power.
Mugabe, although 89 years old and to quote one of his opponents, "sleeps every five minutes" has all the aces close to his chest, all the military and police might. The country's electoral commission are his people and he has the full backing of neighbouring South Africa's top politicians (they are his strongest allies). How can such a man lose an election in Zimbabwe? Fair play? Democracy? These are things Uncle Bob (as some people call him) no longer thinks about these days.
The future of Zimbabwe depends on the life span of this man. As long as he is around Zimbabweans should just forget about true democracy in their country. Some people are of the opinion that the West should be blamed for allowing Mugabe to be so bitter against them; Mugabe who was their friend and ally over three decades ago. Maybe they should continue to engage this man and soften his anger but one thing is certain: he will never go through the ballot box.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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