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article imageOp-Ed: Who was Alfred Kinsey?

By Alexander Baron     Aug 25, 2013 in Lifestyle
Bloomington - Dr Alfred Kinsey died 57 years ago today. He was once widely regarded as a sexual iconoclast. Increasingly, others are taking a different view.
If you haven't heard of Dr Alfred Kinsey, then you should have, because if there is one individual who can be credited with starting the sexual revolution, it is him. Kinsey didn't live to see the Summer of Love, the Stonewall Rebellion, the decriminalisation of homosexuality and least of all so-called gay marriage, but it is fair to say that without his influential works, none of them would have come about.
Unlike his predecessors Havelock Ellis and Magnus Hirschfeld, Kinsey was not a sexologist in the proper sense of the word; his forte was entomology, to which he made significant contributions. Kinsey appears to have had no interest in sexology until 1933, by which time he was nearly 40, and the father of three children; a fourth had died young.
Unless they were independently wealthy, academics were dependent on the largesse of their institutions to bankroll their research, but over the course of the 20th Century another source of funding arose: trusts and foundations. Although he was far from the first philanthropist, the founding father of this ideology appears to have been the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) who began endowing libraries in the 1880s. In 1913, the original John D. Rockefeller and his eponymous son set up the Rockefeller Foundation, a private tax-exempt foundation whose professed goal is “To promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.”
This sounds laudable, and along with many other foundations the Rockefeller Foundation has done some sterling work, but there is no doubt either that tax-exempt foundations have also been responsible for some dubious and at times outright pernicious social engineering experiments. Whatever reason the people at the Rockefeller Foundation had for bankrolling Kinsey, they certainly did their homework on him.
In 1948, Kinsey published SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE, a substantial tome that he edited with Wardell B. Pomeroy and Clyde E. Martin.
Although not everyone was impressed with it, this book became a bestseller, and the claims made therein, especially about homosexuality, were parotted uncritically for decades by people who had their own, perverted agendas, none more so than homosexual rights activists.
For example, in February 1993, Peter Tatchell wrote in the renegade Labour magazine Briefing: “10 per cent of the population is exclusively or predominantly queer...”, and “15 per cent are bisexual for all or part of their lives”, while “25-35 per cent have at least one homosexual experience leading to orgasm during their lifetime...”
These figures are frankly absurd; the reality is that homosexuals are concentrated in certain professions and, today, in certain geographical areas. And they make a lot of noise, indeed their influence on society is out of all proportion to their numbers.
The grain of truth in Kinsey's figures is that for many boys and for some girls, sexual confusion and some homosexual contact is a rite of passage, along with smoking cigarettes (because their parents forbid it), binge drinking, shoplifting, criminal damage, and today every parent's nightmare, scoring illicit drugs. Homosexual yearnings can happen for various reasons but may be that there is always one kid in your year who is liked by everyone, is better looking, smarter, wealthier and does everything better than you. Wouldn't you like to be him, or failing that, be part of his inner circle?
The overwhelming majority of boys who engage in some sort of sexual activity with others soon grow out of it along with their other teenage vices. However, since the late 1970s, the Organised Homosexual Movement has been attempting to persuade teens (of both sexes) that if they suffer from such sexual confusion they should "come out" as gay. We have Alfred Kinsey to thank for this poison.
There are many other disturbing aspects to Kinsey's work, but none more so than that which appears at pages 160-62 of his first major study. Look in particular at the table on page 162, and ask yourself what the reference to a 5 year old boy experiencing coitus could mean?
Thanks largely to the work of one woman, we know the shocking answer. Judith Reisman has spent the best part of 3 decades researching Kinsey, debunking his dogma and lies, and most shockingly of all, exposing him as a serial child abuser and accomplice thereof.
If you have time, check out the two long documentaries on YouTube about Kinsey: Kinsey's Paedophiles and The Kinsey Syndrome; they are shocking. In 1990, Reisman published KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD The Indoctrination Of A People, which she has now kindly donated to the world.
Five years after his book on male sexuality, Kinsey and his co-conspirators published another study: SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN FEMALE, which did for women and girls what his companion study had done for men and boys.
Again, significant numbers of his subjects were abnormal, to put it mildly. After its initial acceptance by the American public, other academics began to look critically at Kinsey's work, but unfortunately his conclusions were largely accepted by the legal system and social policy makers. It is fair to say that without Reisman's tireless proselytising, Kinsey's garbage would still be accepted as gospel. Attempts have been made to debunk Reisman's researches by Kinsey's successors, but although she does overstate the case against pornography, there is no disputing her core conclusions, namely that the normalisation of sexual perversion has led to the indoctrination of the American people and much of the rest of the world, as can be seen with the current hysteria over so-called gay marriage. Even worse, the sexualisation of children has taken us down a very dangerous path with rising teen pregnancy rates, sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS), scandalous numbers of abortions, and paedophilia.
This photograph is usually captioned Kinsey interviewing a woman. In reality it was posed with a mem...
This photograph is usually captioned Kinsey interviewing a woman. In reality it was posed with a member of his staff.
Bill Dellenback; © Kinsey Institute
A simple but devastating example of Reisman's work can be seen in the above photograph, which is captioned by Wikipedia: "Kinsey interviewing a woman." That interviewee was actually a member of his staff.
For how much of this damage to society can Kinsey be blamed? Probably not for increasing divorce rates and such. Today, most women obtain paid employment at some point in their lives, and many have careers rather than simply jobs. This financial independence means that if a marriage does not appear to be working, it is easier for her (or both parties) to call it a day and start again with someone new. Rising standards of living, especially for teenagers, also bring new freedoms, which are at times exercised without thought of the consequences.
It is difficult to know how much credence to give to the claims that Kinsey engaged in perverted sex with the male members of his team (including co-author Martin), but he was certainly both bisexual and a masochist. His death 57 years ago today at the age of 62 appears to have been due at least in part to self-abuse, although this was covered up by his co-conspirators.
The widespread acceptance of Kinsey's "research" results and recommendations to liberalise sexual mores by the American political establishment has resulted now in America trying to impose this new sexual morality on the rest of the world. The latest target of what might be rightly called this campaign is Russia, which is currently being taken to task for its intransigence on homosexual propaganda. Russia decriminalised homosexuality in 1993, and that should be the end of it. Alas, it is not enough for Mother Russia to tolerate homosexuality, it seems it must now permit its proselytes to corrupt the young. Happily, there are those who are both aware of Kinsey's perfidy and are not prepared to bow to such pressure, as this recent op-ed from Pravda illustrates.
If you thought the homosexual agenda was bad, there is worse to come. How do you feel about the normalisation of paedophilia - intergenerational sex as some are now calling it; or even animal brothels where men can sexually abuse sheep? Sadly, this is not satire.
Ever heard of the Dutch Paedophile Emancipation Movement? You have now. This comes complete with a mock academic journal called Paidika, which was first published in 1987. And would you believe that organised paedophiles in the United States were allowed to argue their case in the Journal of Homosexuality? Surprise, surprise. Not.
And yes, there are now bestiality brothels in some countries. This is a direct result of Kinsey's first study in which he alludes to "animal contacts"; on page 671 he and his team write: of boys raised on farms "about 17 per cent experienced orgasm as the product of animal contacts...after the onset of adolescence", a claim that is every bit as reliable as the bizarre assertion on page 49 that marijuana is not a drug.
This is the true legacy of Alfred Kinsey; our ancestors may have thought madness was caused by demons, and earthquakes by angry gods. They may have thought disease was caused by evil spirits, and that the Sun moved round the Earth, but even they knew better than to sodomise their own children or to lie down with the beasts of the fields. Kinsey and his followers have succeeded in so debasing Western culture that they have reduced us to the status of animals. If we follow or allow ourselves to be led down this path, then truly we deserve to suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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