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article imageVideo: Hero Qing Chen saves baby from awning after window fall

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 28, 2013 in Internet
An 18-month old toddler, who apparently climbed out of her 2nd floor room through a vent next to the air conditioning unit onto the roof, and then to the awning below, was rescued by a quick thinking man in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Friday afternoon.
Pedestrians and workers from a pharmacy across the street saw the toddler, identified as Ayana, lying on the awning above Computer Tender Tech Inc. at 8015 18th Avenue. They called 911 at about 1:52 p.m.
CBS New York reports that Quing Chen, who works at a nearby pharmacy, said when he saw the baby, "I basically started screaming, 'There’s a baby on the roof! Baby on the roof!'" He added: "We started yelling at the baby, 'Don’t move! Don’t move!' and she crawled back and stopped and started crying."
He continued: "... me and my co-worker ran across the street and we tried to catch the baby because she was about to fall off of it."
Another witness, Eric Bokman, who helped Chen, said: "When I saw the baby I was in complete shock. I didn't know how it got there."
A neighbor, Amy Vaccaro, said: "I was shaking. I started screaming, and the baby was crying and screaming, everybody was like ‘Oh my god!'"
Two men stood guard beneath the awning to catch Ayana if she falls. One of the men fetched a ladder and tried to grab her, but could not reach her.
Meanwhile, Quing Chen ran up to the apartment, knocked the door and told the baby's grandmother what had happened. WPIX reports that the woman was cooking and was unaware that her baby had fallen on the awning outside. Chen said: "She was cooking at the time, and when I knocked on the door, I asked her 'What are you doing?' she said, 'I was cooking.'"
NY Daily News reports Chen told the grandmother: "Your baby’s about to fall."
The woman, identified as Gabby, showed Chen to the bedroom. He climbed out of the room to the roof and then to the awning.
He risked his life climbing on top of the unstable awning to rescue the girl. CBS New York reports he said: "I was running across the street, I didn't pay attention to traffic. All I was looking at and focused on was if the baby was gonna fall, and if she was I was gonna hurry up and catch her."
He said: "Then, I jumped onto the roof and I came to the side. I saw the baby, and I just grabbed her and took her in."
According to witnesses, the toddler came very dangerously close to falling.
Chen, who is also a father, told WPIX that thinking about his daughter drove him to act.
He said: "All I was worried about was grabbing her as soon as I can before she makes another move. I just grabbed her by the arm and took her into my chest and I just held her really tight and I got back onto the roof and gave the baby back to the mom."
The grandmother was very upset. She was crying when her baby was returned to her. She said: "I don’t feel good. I watch her all the time."
Chen said: “Personally, it doesn't feel like I’m a hero. I’m just glad she was okay, that’s all." He added: "I’m glad that I saved her, that could have been anybody’s baby, that could have been my baby."
NY Daily News reports that emergency workers took Ayana to Maimonides Medical Center, where she was treated for minor injuries and released.
Police said charges would not be filed, but the city's Administration for Children's Services are investigating.
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