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Op-Ed: Sam Simon takes to Twitter and vows to 'beat cancer'

By Elizabeth Batt     Jul 27, 2013 in Environment
Occasionally, the animal kingdom gains a guardian angel. Sam Simon is one of them. The Simpsons creator maybe battling an illness, but he's still fighting for animals in need.
Known primarily for the co-creation of a show that since its debut in 1989, has lasted 24 seasons and broadcast 530 episodes, Sam Simon describes himself as, "just a kid from Beverly Hills that got lucky."
Despite a split from his co-creator Matt Groening, his stake in the Simpsons franchise cemented Simon's fortune, and he's been paying it forward ever since.
According to an article in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, Simon who has colon cancer, "is spending his last months giving away his fortune," by "funding projects that feed homeless people and [saving] animals from being killed in animal shelters."
"One of the things about animal rights, which is not the only thing that I care about in this world," Simon told the Mail, "is that your money can bring success. I see results. There is stuff happening, really good stuff, every week."
Between buying up zoos and circuses to free the captive animals, the staunch animal advocate continues to dedicate his life to those without a voice. His Sam Simon Foundation for example, gives throwaway dogs a new start by retraining them where possible, and adopting them out when not.
In 2011, The Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families program, established a vegan food bank to provide nourishment for both people and animals in need. One year on, he funded a new vessel for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ninth Antarctic Campaign: Operation Zero Tolerance.
Of the projects that Simon is undertaking, there are some that we are already aware of, and others we may never learn about. But unlike other media pieces, this one is not the final word on the philanthropist's career.
Sam Simon is still here and continues to blaze trails for animals in need. In a tweet just hours ago, he confidently wrote, "I have great doctors and I plan on beating the cancer!"
If anything, this article is a celebration of inspiration. A shout out to other animal rights advocates who wish they could achieve just one fraction of Simon's success.
Many of us will never be in a position to make overtures on such a grand scale, but as Simon himself pointed out, it isn't always necessary. "If you’d really like to thank me," he offered some time ago, "please vow to never buy a ticket to SeaWorld or Ringling Bros again!"
In an animal lover's world, when a pet dies, it is believed they walk a path towards the Rainbow Bridge. Healed, happy and healthy, they await that special someone who made a difference in their lives. When they are reunited, they cross the Rainbow Bridge, together.
But Sam Simon's work is not yet done, so it unfathomable to me, that he is having to digest media stories that have pre-determined his fate. And while he expends energies in support of others concerned over his well being, just a few days ago, (in true Monty Python-style I might add), Simon tweeted, "I'm not dead!"
It's a funny old world. We conveniently forget — or perhaps choose to ignore, the fact that we all die. But when we do, the lucky ones among us might hope to have an animal — or two, waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
Sam Simon however, is likely to have a whole damn parade; just not yet.
Therein lies the man's inspiration. When it comes to animal rights, humanity in general is miles behind Sam Simon, and we have a lot of catching up to do.
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