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article imageOp-Ed: Where we are going we don't need phones Special

By Eduardo Arrufat     Jul 27, 2013 in Technology
London - The new products coming out will create even more new needs. An imminent boom is expected from home 3D printers. Larger and thinner screens and batteries will drive design.
One hundred years ago nobody needed a television set, first because there was no broadcasting and second because nobody knew what they were. Today there is no household with at least 2 TV´s. Twenty years ago nobody needed a Smartphone because there was no “smart” content so the need was not induced into us yet. And today, the product from the future is still not needed, but in five, ten and twenty years from now our “needs” will shift so quickly that the iPhone 5 and the SIII will only belong in the museum of forgotten gizmos.
In a face to face interview with Alberto Diaz, a digital content producer and photography technology expert, he shared his impression on where is technology going and what can we expect to see in every household in a few years from now.
“I think the biggest revolution awaiting us right around the corner will come from 3D printing. Today when you need a basic object like a mug, fork or screwdriver you go to the store and buy it. Tomorrow you will download a few lines of code and in a few minutes the object will be shaped and formed in front of your eyes while you wait for your breakfast to cook. But the possibilities are endless; don’t just think about basic house ware. Think bigger, you break your car side view mirror on your way home, download the casing model, get some mirror toner and you just saved fifty bucks on repairing and instead DIY was enough.”
In matters of design, Diaz agrees that technology is more and more driven by design, because a product is just as good as the next one in the store shelves, unless the maker has worked a marketing strategy that clearly differentiates from the rest. “Bigger and thinner screens will keep the battle heat for the next couple of years; makers will keep squeezing the hen of the golden eggs until consumers get tired on it. And the development of new batteries will declare the winner of the next generation of smart phones, tablets and new devices coming out. Not just battery durability, but size and shape, because all the other electronic components keep getting smaller, but batteries keep growing in size, and the battery-screen combo is driving sizes and weights today”
About product differentiation, Diaz suggests that Google will attempt a finishing move on Apple and the rest of manufacturers soon with the release of the new line of cell phones. “After Google purchased Motorola, they have been hinting things like total personalization. Cases can be made by the material the buyer wants, think polished aluminum, cheap plastic, luxury wood or fine crystal. Just like any other fashion accessory, phones will be fully tailored by the customer.”
About wearable technology, Diaz isn't so sure of how will manufacturers place their products “At the end of the day, if watches will be used to read text messages, why do I need the phone in my pocket? I'm not saying is a bad idea, it is just one of those needs that we don´t have today but I´m pretty sure they will end up inducing into us soon.”
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