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Chinese man's headaches caused by 6-inch parasite in his brain

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 27, 2013 in Health
A 60-year-old Chinese man Wang Ming, from Chengdu, had suffered "headaches, convulsions and even fainting" for more than six months before he went to see a doctor. An X-ray of his head revealed a six-inch long worm-like parasite lodged in his brain.
Surgeons performed a three-hour operation to remove the parasite at the First People's Hospital in Shuangliu earlier this month. They found that the worm was still alive when they put it in water after removing it from Ming's brain.
According to the Shangaiist, prior to the surgery, doctors had expected to find a tumor or evidence of infection that was causing the symptoms.
The hospital's director of neurosurgery, Wang Biao, said the parasite was unlike anything he had ever seen. He said Ming probably got the infection from eating undercooked food.
The Shangaiist reports he said: "Aquatic organisms typically contain many parasites; If people don't cook frog or eel properly, the animal's parasites may enter the human body."
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