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'Temper Tantrum Wife' tells her side of the story

By Dinh Nguyen     Jul 24, 2013 in Internet
Knoxville - In a video that went viral last week, millions of people witnessed the infamous “Temper Tantrum Wife” throw a fit. Since then, Whitney Mongiat, the soon-to-be ex-wife in the video, has come out with her side of the story.
As Mongiat, the 30-year-old nurse from Knoxville Tennessee sees it, her husband bullied her and was egging her on in the video. He had promised to take her to the lake on their boat to meet some friends, but changed his mind after they had a fight, reported Gawker. In an interview with Right This Minute, Mongiat also said that her husband held the boat hostage and would often come up with reasons for them not to use the boat all the time.
Mongiat is embarrassed as her friends, family, and co-workers among countless others have seen the video. According to Right This Minute, she said that she will be the one filing for divorce. The couple has been married for 15 months.
While there is much debate over the intent and moral reasoning behind Jim Mongiat's (the husband) decision to post the video, he believes that he didn't do anything wrong:
“It’s been kind of an ongoing type thing for a long time. And I finally just decided to put my foot down and I turned on my recorder on my phone so i could show her how she was acting to herself. The rest was history... I don’t regret [posting the video] at all.” he said in an interview with Right This Minute.
To read the initial story and see the full viral video, click here.
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