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article imageUK Government blockade on online pornography

By Eduardo Arrufat     Jul 22, 2013 in Politics
London - UK Government will enforce automatic blocking of online pornography unless households specifically ask for it to be allowed.
In 1949, George Orwell described the concept of Big Brother for the first time in his novel1984. In it, Orwell anticipated, years ahead of his time, that the yearning of Governments for total control would lead to total loss of privacy by the regular population. Recent news about PRISM and all the other US-UK espionage programs on foreign nationals are proof that Orwell was not too far off with the Big Brother theory.
And just today, UK's Prime Minister David Cameron announced the latest measure to be applied by all Internet service providers. A measure that could have very well been scribed in an Almodovar adaptation of 1984. All households in the UK will have pornography blocked by their Internet provider unless they otherwise decide to tell they specifically want it.
The reasons behind this bold move that is a direct attack to the ever shrinking privacy rights of Internet surfers, says Cameron, is that online pornography is "corroding childhood". Also, family-friendly filters will be selected automatically for new customers unless they personally select to switch them off. He also spoke directly to search engines like Google and Bing and asked them to take active part by having certain search results to automatically return nothing.
But Cameron's war on porn is not really fighting the effects of online videos on minors. For starters, The Guardian recently reported many studies conducted in British institutions regarding the effects of online porn consumption. From the analysis, it can be concluded that the British society actually needs to catch up with the rest of the XXI century. First by having an update on sexual education, not just in schools but also by having parents go through some un-British conversations with their kids regarding sexuality. And second, because 30 percent of the Internet bandwidth is used to transfer porn. That is more than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined; therefore the solution to such a big scale trend is not to cut the cable from one end, but to realize that Internet porn is bigger than books, social media and film entertainment and repression has never been the solution to any problem, in any case, it might just make it worse.
In conclusion, the fact that they force the consumers to make a choice shows that the UK Government found a new excuse to licitly spy on all of us. This will definitely not solve the porn problem and if Mr. Cameron was actually worried about the corroded childhood, more efforts would have been given to keep youngsters in the classrooms and away from the street violence and drugs.
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