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article imageOp-Ed: Trayvon Martin — Imbeciles and exploiters

By Alexander Baron     Jul 22, 2013 in Politics
Many people have spoken out on the death of Trayvon Martin before and after the trial of George Zimmerman. Some should have kept their mouths shut.
One person who should most definitely have kept his big mouth shut is George Zimmerman's brother. Before and after the trial, Robert Zimmerman has made two outbursts which have predictably been slated as racist, but are grossly offensive in anyone's language.
If you haven't heard of Antonio Santiago, his murder is a story that has attracted surprisingly little publicity nationally and virtually none internationally. The thirteen month old baby was shot and killed in his stroller last March; his mother was also shot, although not seriously injured. She was shot in the leg; the baby in the face, during the course of a robbery. Two black youths, the oldest seventeen, have been charged with murder.
Robert Zimmerman had the gall to compare these two (alleged) killers with Trayvon Martin. That was back in March; as if that were not bad enough, since his brother's acquittal he has augmented this calumny with the innuendo that Martin was looking "to procure firearms" and to grow marijuana plants. Er, aren't we forgetting something here, like who actually had a gun?
It has to be stressed yet again that this case was not and is not about race; perhaps someone should tell Robert Zimmerman.
Black humour (black as in tasteless) is nothing new, and within weeks if not days or hours of a tragedy sick jokes alluding to it can be found all over cyberspace, so we should not be surprised that both Martin and his acknowledged slayer have generated a fair few, none of which will be repeated here, but presumably you know how to use Google, or you wouldn't be reading this.
Facebook appears to be censoring them, because this page
which was said to have hosted some, is currently unavailable.
In April last year, the London Daily Mail revealed that the then recently deceased Martin was "obsessed with girls and made jokes about 'ghetto' culture".
Hmm, seventeen year old youth obessed with girls, nothing unhealthy about that. And as these were clearly black girls, even the race conscious David Duke could not object, in spite of his own dubious taste in women.
Having smeared Martin from the word go, with the hypocrisy so typical of that paper, recently it ran a story about Trayvoning. If you don't know what it means, you can find a bad selection of it on YouTube.
Finally on the "anti" side, there is no shortage of blacks queuing up to diss this dead kid. Pastor James Manning is a man who often has something intelligent to say including on race issues, but on this subject he is way off-beam.
Conservative pundit Larry Elder made some good points to Piers Morgan including about black crime and the break up of the black family, but he went way over the top, praising Zimmerman as a public spirited citizen. Sadly, these are not lone voices.
On the other side, many of those are claiming to be outraged at the alleged profiling of the dead youth. Pastor Manning identifies these people correctly as race hustlers. Pre-eminent among these race hustlers is Jesse Jackson, who called Florida an apartheid state. The bottom line with Jackson and his ilk is that it is always a race issue if the perpetrator is white, but if the perpetrator is black, then race can and should be ignored. Recently in California, two young men were convicted for their part in the horrific 2009 gang rape of a teenage girl identified only as Jane Doe. Jose Carlos Montano is Hispanic and Marcelles Peter is black. This case is about as bad as it gets. Although the unidentified victim appears to have been white, no one has mentioned race in this case, and Jesse Jackson hasn't commented on it. By the way, Jackson is the man who prayed with OJ Simpson while he was on remand charged with that notorious double murder.
The biggest and most powerful race hustler involved in this case though is the so-called NAACP. Remember the Steubenville rape case, the one Serena Willams commented on? Someone else who commented on it was Royal Mayo, an executive of that organisation, who said basically that the victim deserved it. It appears that even white victims are guilty; Trayvon Martin must be turning in his grave when he sees the calibre of people queuing up to weep crocodiles for him, and to diss the wicked racist American criminal justice system.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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