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article imageSony rumored to release new camera lens with sensor 'soon'

By Jessica Zuzierla     Jul 20, 2013 in Technology
Sony is rumored to be releasing a lens fit for a smartphone containing sensors. Said to be the same Zeiss camera lenses used on the CyberShot RX100MII, if the rumor is true, Sony will release the lenses "soon."
Sony is rumored to be creating and releasing a line of mid- to high-end Zeiss lenses for the world's smartphones, which will use the phone's built-in cameras, according to
Other Sony devices
Well known for its popular XPERIA line of smartphones, Vaio laptops, PlayStation gaming consoles, and high-end camcorders, Sony also makes a number of mid- to high-end digital camera models including the CyberShot RX100 II, and CyberShot RX1R, among others.
Rumor details
If the rumors prove true, then Sony certainly has a treat in store for all smartphone and camera fans. says the lenses will allegedly contain the same type of sensors that the CyberShot RX100MII camera uses, in addition to a battery and enough memory so that the sensors can transmit images “via NFC and WiFi to the smartphone/tablet.” Essentially, the lens would be operable without the need for a body or a digital screen viewfinder.
Reportedly, the lens will be released “soon,” along with a second lens model that will also contains sensor, but a smaller one with better zoom capability, says the Both lenses will also reportedly mount on the side of the Sony smartphone, though speculation has it that it could be a universal lens for all smartphone models - it may also be able to be used separately, without being attached to a smartphone, the rumor says.
Gizmodo commented on the rumor and pointed out that the lens concept has the potential for big problems to surface, such as,
"Clear problems come to mind immediately such as connection/transfer speed between the phone and lens, battery life, not to mention ergonomics."
Lens concept is not so new...
Looking at the concept shots of the rumored Sony lens, one might see how it could be a problem, as it would take a number of different lens/speed configurations to be compatible with more than just Sony smartphones.
In the comments section of, a commenter with the user name "tony" points out that this particular concept has been seen before from the Artifact Group, which called the concept the, “Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens.”
The Artifact Group made it clear that the idea was simply a concept, and the prototype seen on the website was was not working at the time. The page features a photo of a smartphone laying on its side with a camera lens attached to it, and the lens appears as wide, if not a bit wider than the smartphone itself.
The Artifact Group mentions that the design is patent pending, even though it is clearly a concept design. At the time of this writing, a patent filing for Artifact Group concept lens could not be verified. What could be verified is a patent fling for a modified version of a lens that would be used for ophthalmological use, and that patent was recently granted.
As for the Sony rumor, though names “two trusted sources” as the source of the rumors, the report states that according to the correctness scale, this rumor rates an SR5, or “almost certainly true.” The SR scale ranges from SR1 (probably fake) to SR5 (almost certainly true). According to ExtremeTech, is a trusted source of all rumors relating to Sony products.
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