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Op-Ed: Marissa Alexander, new victim of the jury-based justice in FL

By Ernest Dempsey     Jul 19, 2013 in Odd News
Jacksonville Beach - The Jury and mainstream media are emerging as two main abusive systems going against public good as apparent from the recent court cases in Florida.
Institutional abuse in developed countries, like the United States, is fairly immune to strict – if any – accountability. Current examples include the Obama administration’s huge failure to guard its secret documents and the outrageous verdict of the jury in Zimmerman’s case. Speaking of jury, here is the new example of this questionable mode of justice.
Marissa Alexander, a resident of Jacksonville, FL, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for just defending herself against her husband and firing two shots in the air only to scare him. A petition started to support Alexander has been signed by more than a 100, 000 people, asking Florida Governor Rick Scott to pardon Alexander for acting in self-defense.
The not-so-surprising side to this story of open injustice is not the fact that jurors are not subject to accountability or thorough cross-examination about how they arrived at their conclusion, but the anger of state attorney Angela Corey directed at supporters of the victim of judicial abuse.
“I think social media is going to be the destruction of this country,” Corey was quoted saying. To this, one can’t help but answer that a country having juries like Zimmerman’s and Alexander’s case don’t need any other destroyers; and if some destruction was left to anyone outside the jury-judges alliance, it will surely come from the state attorneys who are paid by people’s hard work and who victimize the same people.
For the jurors themselves, at least one of them has betrayed the truth about their “commitment” to justice – getting a book deal with a publisher to make profit out of this heavily publicized case. Will that open the eyes of the public and let them see what a jury is all about?
Institutional abuse is difficult to fight because it is imposed via the state, a bigger bully than any individual can handle. But thanks to social media, people have a voice now and they don’t rely on corrupt “professional” media that show to people the side that profits the publication the most. And in doing so, mainstream media becomes the worst institution acting against public good.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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