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article imageSamsung introduces entry-level 1terabyte 'SSDs For Everyone'

By Milton Este     Jul 19, 2013 in Technology
The price of hard disk drives (HDDs) are falling drastically over the past few years making the cost per gigabyte (GB) more and more affordable. However, pretty soon they will completely be wiped out with technologies introduced by Samsung.
The cost per GB for a hard disk drive can be as low as just 4.5 cents/GB. It's falling and will continue to fall as solid state drive (SSD) popularizes which we are already seeing.
Many thin & light notebooks and ultrabooks are equipped with a 24gb to 30gb boot SSD along with a higher capacity hard disk drive. Specifically, in ASUS' case, they ditched HDDs all together when they chose to solder two 128gb SSDs for their Zenbook-DH71 model and two 256gb SSDs for their Zenbook-XH71 model.
SSDs weren't popularized until recently as they are prone to several issues including fragmentation and power fault data scrambling. However, one of the biggest issues is the inability for SSDs to hold large amounts of data as latency and data errors rises along with the storage capacity. This is why SSDs failed to match the storage capacity of HDDs for the past few years, but it seems like Samsung has done it.
For starters, Samsung isn't the first to introduce the 1TB SSD concept. Last year at the International CES show in Las Vegas, Micron unveiled the Crucial M500 1TB SSD with a price tag of slightly under $600. Similarly, OCZ released their 1TB SSD, but earlier in 2011, with a price tag selling for approximately $2,500.
Samsung hopes to redefine faster speeds and greater reliability with their new line of SSDs to go on sale in late August, 2013. The Samsung EVO 840 lineup is targetted at the everyday user, which is deviating from the traditional standards.
Traditionally, only hardcore gamers and professionals requiring blazing fast large data read and write speeds used SSDs and Samsung plans to change this by bringing faster speeds to the everyday user.
The 840 EVO uses a 10-nanometer class manufacturing process which is supposedly two times faster than the previous generation with the theoretical read and write speed of 540MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. However, a great piece of technology carries a huge price tag. The 120GB SSD is $109.99, 250GB is $189.99, 500GB is $369.99, 750GB is $529.99 and the 1TB is $649.99.
In the SSD race, it appears Crucial is taking the lead with the M500 priced aggressively at $0.64/gb while the Samsung 840 line up is can be acquired for as low as $0.65/gb. However, the good news is as the development process becomes more efficient and the demand for consumer standard SSDs rise, the prices for each storage bracket will fall considerably possibly matching the mere $0.045/gb price tag on current HDDs.
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