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article imageReview: The dumb middle class white girl who is NOT Trayvon Martin

By Alexander Baron     Jul 18, 2013 in World
Since the media circus in Sanford, Florida, a number of polemical videos have appeared on YouTube by people who are NOT Trayvon Martin.
Here is one published in April last year; this is less polemical than analytical, and is produced by an intelligent young black man. Listen to what he says about the black role in slavery; this is an unpopular truth. Alas, they are not all like that, especially this one by a dumb, blonde, middle class white girl. This video is short, and vacuous with its rhetoric of oppression and all the other self-hating anti-white garbage of racial Marxism.
It is ironic that she should allude to critical thinking because there is little or none of that in this video. Why else would she mention a victim like Trayvon Martin in the same breath as a murdering punk like Troy Davis?
For all her ranting at stereotypes she has engaged in stereotyping herself when she makes this invidious comparison. Troy Davis was convicted of a senseless murder on absolutely overwhelming evidence. One can argue that he should not have been executed, especially after two decades on death row, but no one who has investigated the case objectively can claim he was innocent of the murder of Mark McPhail. And let it not be forgotten that Davis had earlier pistol whipped a homeless man, and before that had shot and injured another man. Some victim he was.
On the other hand, Trayvon Martin was a victim. He may not have been the angelic kid he was portrayed by the media initially; he may have regarded himself as a bit of a gangsta in black speak, a bit of a Jack the Lad as used to be said in the UK, but he was shot dead for no reason not by a man who was brainwashed into believing young black males are a threat but by a failed police officer, a clown who saw himself as the second coming of Dirty Harry.
Dumb, privileged little white girls may rant about their guilt until Kingdom Come, but this does nothing to alter those facts. No lassie, you are not Trayvon Martin, and you are clearly not Madam Curie either.
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