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article imageVideo: Xbox One receives no love, gets only boos, at EVO2K13

By Can Tran     Jul 16, 2013 in Entertainment
At EVO2K13, Mad Catz and Double Helix were welcomed with boos from the audience when they talked about the new "Killer Instinct" game being an Xbox One exclusive.
Microsoft received a lot of heat for always-on DRM along with the fact you have to go online once every 24 hours, in regards to the Xbox One. As a result, Nintendo and Sony capitalized with the latter gaining much positive reception for the Playstation 4 console. Then, Microsoft announced that it was doing away with the always-on DRM. However, it would seem a bit too late for Microsoft at this moment.
What recently happened at this year's EVO, EVO2K13, it's proof that Microsoft isn't getting much love. Anybody associating themselves with the Xbox One received no love; that included Mad Catz and Double Helix with the former creating a special controller and the latter creating the newest installment of “Killer Instinct.”
Any talk or mention about the Xbox One received boos. It was announced that this newest installment of Killer Instinct would become an Xbox One exclusive title; with the negative reception Microsoft had received, that might not be a good move on Double Helix's part. When they talked about the partnership with Microsoft, the people from Mad Catz and Double Helix received boos. Whenever they mentioned Microsoft, one could hear the boos coming from the audience.
But it didn't stop Double Helix from giving a demonstration of the Xbox One-exclusive new Killer Instinct title. From what the video shows, this game retains the old elements of the previous Killer Instinct games.
Despite the negative reception the Xbox One has received in regards to Microsoft's recent policies, it remains unknown how it will fare against the Playstation 4 console. One has to find out when the consoles officially hit the markets later this year.
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