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article imageGraphene will bring faster Internet

By Eduardo Arrufat     Jul 14, 2013 in Science
London - Researchers from the University of Bath have found a new application for the super-material that could deliver 100 times faster Internet connections.
In 2010, graphene was the star of the Nobel Prize for Physics. Only two years later, the material has been attached to so many developments for the near future that it has reached the status of miracle or super-material.
The latest addition to the list of applications comes from a group of researchers from the University of Bath and Exeter that have demonstrated its telecommunications capabilities promising shorter optical response rates in the range of a hundred times faster.
The need for more and more data to be transferred increases daily. The current optical switches that operate the signals of devices such as optical fibers, photo-detectors and lasers is of a few picoseconds; however, the recent observations by the scientist from the Center for Graphene Science (CGS) prove that a switch made of a few layers of graphene delivers responses of about a hundred femtoseconds — around 100 times faster than current optical switches available in the market.
Dr. Enrico Da Como, lead researcher, notes the technical importance of their discovery "This fast response is in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, where many applications in telecommunications, security and also medicine are currently developing and affecting our society.”
Prof. Simon Bending, Co-Director of CGS, added that “The more we find out about graphene the more remarkable its properties seem to be. This research shows that it also has unique optical properties which could find important new applications.”
Graphene has been dubbed the miracle material in the past couple of years, after its breakthrough in 2010, because of its many applications due to its extreme properties. A layer as thick as an atom of this carbon allotrope has enough strength to hold the pressure created by a pencil tip with the weight of an elephant. Among its other many properties includes its high conductivity, flexibility and translucency; three parameters that together have attracted touch screen manufacturers for phone and computer applications.
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