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Big brother car to prevent you from falling asleep?

By Alex Allen     Jul 14, 2013 in Technology
New technological developments could create a device that would alert drivers that they are falling asleep behind the wheel.
Tired of falling asleep at the wheel? Never fear, your car is here! According to Mashable, English researchers are attempting to combine high-speed-eye-tracking and brain recording in order to create a device that could alert a driver if he or she is falling asleep behind the wheel.
This is not the only new technology that merges with the human mind and body, however. For example, a lot of progress is being made towards creating more complex bionic limbs to replace amputated arms, legs, feet, and hands. Scientists could also be working on replacement tissue for the penis to make a sex life easier for men with an erectile dysfunction.
Some are critical of these new technological developments, citing a robotic or transhumanist agenda. Others, however, see the new technology simply as something else to make the human experience just a little bit easier. In fact, when some of the world's most wealthy, powerful, and influential people met at this year's "Bilderberg" meeting, technology appeared to be their main focus, with some major names and faces in the tech world playing huge roles at the conference.
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