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article imageOp-Ed: George Zimmerman — The 'evidence' the jury didn't hear

By Alexander Baron     Jul 15, 2013 in World
Sanford - The recent George Zimmerman trial heard all the evidence and acquitted him - damning though it was. But what of the other "evidence" ?
The jury of six good women and true deliberated for more than sixteen hours before clearing him of all charges. They heard all the evidence, all the evidence that mattered, and however much we may disagree with that verdict, we must accept it. There was other evidence though, which they did not hear, namely what would at one time would have been called scurrilous gossip and rumour but which in the age of the Internet we are supposed to call conspiracy theories.
First, before we get started with the crazy stuff, here is a computerised simulation of what happened - which may or may not be accurate. And here is something that is definitely not crazy, a video of experts who claim the person heard screaming in the background is not George Zimmerman. On June 22, USA Today reported that the judge had excluded such expert testimony on the grounds that it was not "widely accepted at this time" and [is] "new and novel." Lucky George.
Now we get to the crazy stuff; this YouTuber calls himself MadManAli; after you've heard his rant, you'll probably agree with the name though probably not with anything else he says. Can the local police chief really be called an accomplice? At least one YouTuber believes Zimmerman had a literal accomplice, but the jury is still out on this one. Well, actually the jury never considered it.
There have also been attempts to blacken the victim's name by claiming the police department covered up evidence of his alleged criminal behaviour.
It is clear that there has been dishonesty on both sides of this case; in the beginning we were led to believe that the police had rubber stamped Zimmerman's version of the story, but it has been apparent for some considerable time that this was not the case. Unlike in the UK where the authorities play their cards close to the chest, typically the American authorities release bundles of documents. Videos of Zimmerman's interrogation by the police have been on YouTube for over a year, and it is clear he gave a credible account of his actions. Credible, but not necessarily truthful.
What are we to make of the fact that Martin's father is a Freemason? Could this be the real reason Zimmerman was subsequently indicted?
Coming from an entirely different direction, one fact that has been mentioned very little throughout this affair is that Zimmerman's father is a retired judge. Yes, he really is called Robert Zimmerman, but not that Robert Zimmerman. At least one website has suggested Zimmerman Senior spoke to the police the night of the shooting, which he may have done, but that need not be anything sinister, although it may indicate that an Hispanic judge does not wield as much influence with the Florida police as a black Freemason.
Finally, if you want some really crazy stuff, here is the part played by the Illuminati. Perhaps having failed to kill hate cleric Abū Qatāda they considered killing an urban black kid from Florida to be the next best thing?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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