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article imageSpanish father found guilty of murdering his young son & daughter

By Anne Sewell     Jul 14, 2013 in Crime
On October 8, 2011, two children, six-year-old Ruth and two-year-old José "disappeared" while visiting a park with their father, José Bretón, who claimed that he had merely lost the children. Investigations proved a different story indeed.
Bretón, the father of the two children, was born in Córdoba in 1973, and was an unemployed former army driver. He was always the main suspect in a case that had the police searching for their bodies for months, using both trained dogs and also ground-penetrating radar.
While the children were never found, investigators did eventually find the remains of a large bonfire on the estate owned by Bretón's parents outside the southern Spanish city of Córdoba. The bonfire was so hot it destroyed DNA evidence, but teeth were found in the ashes, which were later identified by forensic experts as belonging to two children, aged two and six years respectively.
Bretón was arrested 10 days after reporting the children missing and has been in jail ever since. In previous court appearances, Bretón denied all charges and told officers imperiously, "You have nothing on me."
Finally justice has been served in the case, as on Friday a jury has unanimously found José Bretón guilty of murdering his two small children and burning their bodies to cover up the crime.
A jury of two men and seven women delivered the verdict this week, after hearing all the facts surrounding the disappearance of the two children.
While Bretón remained cool during the court trial, and always claimed that he simply lost his children, the prosecution presented a case that he killed the children as revenge against his wife, who had recently asked him for a divorce.
Psychologists describe Bretón as "extremely cold and detached," and police officers who had interrogated the man also remarked on his apparent lack of concern about his own children and also his harsh verbal attacks against his wife, Ruth Ortiz.
Reports from the psychologists described Bretón as "highly intelligent," with an IQ of 121 and that he showed "signs of being excessively manipulative" and was "exceptionally clear minded." He had apparently told the police, "Outside I'm a nobody, but at home I'm the boss."
144 expert witnesses at the trial corroborated that Bretón had purchased the sedatives Orfidal and Motiván to put his children to sleep. Proof was also shown that he bought large amounts of diesel fuel to incinerate their bodies at Las Quemadillas, his parents' Córdoba estate.
It was from that estate that Bretón made one last phone call to his wife, who did not pick up the call, before going ahead with his dreadful plan.
As can be seen in the video (Spanish language), Bretón listened totally impassively as the judge pronounced his guilt and is now awaiting sentencing. Both the public and private prosecutors are asking for a 40-year sentence.
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