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Rouge Sucette, a cola flavored wine, arrives

By Tim Sandle     Jul 7, 2013 in Food
The world's first commercially produced cola flavored wine has gone on sale in France. Called Rouge Sucette, the wine is made of 75 percent from grapes, and the rest from water, sugar and cola flavoring.
Strange as it may seem, in parts of Europe it is currently popular to mix wine and coca cola together. This cocktail is sometimes called 'kalimotxo'. This trend has led one wine producer to launch Rouge Sucette, at the trade show Vinexpo.
The new 'designer wine' is produced by Haussmann Famille. The name Rouge Sucette translates to "red lollipop" (it is a red wine, to which the cola is blended). Haussmann Famille already produce a passion-fruit-flavoured rosé and white wine.
Rouge Sucette  cola flavored wine
Rouge Sucette, cola flavored wine
Haussmann Famille
Pauline Lacombe, Haussmann Famille’s marketing director. is quoted by the Drinks Business as saying "The result is surprising; the balance between the bitterness of the wine and the sweetness of the cola is perfect."
The cola flavored wine is currently retailing in France for €2.95 (around $3.80) per bottle. It is a relatively inexpensive wine, and contains a lower amount of alcohol at nine percent. The marketing is aimed at young people rather than seasoned wine buffs, according to Bubble News.
In summary, the details are:
Company: Haussmann Famille
Brand: Rouge Sucette
Category: Wine
Origin: France
Packaging: Bottle
Claims: 75% Wine
Alcohol Volume: 9%
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