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article imageVideo: Luke Junior, 24, dressed as Superman, catches shoplifter

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 5, 2013 in Crime
A real-life superhero, Luke Junior, 24, dressed in Superman's red-and-blue outfit, stopped a shoplifter in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
The suspected thief was fleeing a frozen food store with seven packs of bacon valued at £70 (loot unworthy of a super-villain) when he was unlucky enough to run straight into a security guard dressed in the familiar red-and-blue outfit of the Man of Steel.
Junior was dressed in Superman outfit as part of an outdoor charity event organized by the Gleadless Valley Community Action Group to raise money for a park. He was taking pictures with children outside the store when Pork Villain ran out from Heron Foods with the store manager and other members of staff pursuing him.
The Mirror reports he said: "He ran out of Heron Foods as I was having my picture taken with the kids and the manager shouted: ‘'Stop him!'"
Being Superman, he had the time to check with the shop manager to be certain the man getting away was a thief before he swooped into action. He grabbed the man and placed him in an arm-lock. He held him until two grim-faced policewomen arrived to take charge.
He said: "I went back to the children afterwards and, as Superman, told them to always stay on the right side of the law."
As the policewomen marched Pork Villain away in handcuffs, bystanders cheered and applauded while a DJ played the Superman movie theme tune over a loudspeaker.
Junior, recounting his heroic deed, said: "The last thing you want to do is run straight into Superman. He was going nowhere but the police station. I saw the manager chasing him and I felt I had to physically restrain him and make a citizen’s arrest. I wouldn't advise everybody to do it because it can be dangerous and it’s not something to take on lightly. I had to pin him up against the window of the Cash Converters store. I had his arm up his back and I wasn't letting him go. There was a bit of adrenaline and I did it without thinking too much, but when that stopped I realized I was still dressed as Superman. I've not lived it down since it happened."
Superman: Luke Junior
Superman: Luke Junior
The Telegraph reports he said: "He tried to run away from the manager so I grabbed him again and he was kicking off. Then I ended up physically restraining him against the window.The two policewomen were very professional. They didn't even crack a smile but I can imagine they might have done when they got to the police station later that night."
Luke Junior: Superman
Luke Junior: Superman
Luke might have been disappointed that the police officers weren't impressed with the world's most famous superhero, but families attending the charity cheered and applauded, fittingly.
The Daily Mail reports that was not the first time that the shopping center security guard has performed a feat of valor worthy of the name of the Man of Steel. He earned the nickname "Superman" eight years ago, at the age of 16, when he dragged two boys out of a car following a road accident. He told the Telegraph: "I ended up dragging two boy racers out of their car when they smashed into my friend's car."
He talks about his career ambition: "I’m waiting until the fire service can recruit again and then I want to save people. The main priority was protecting kids and the public. When I was younger I always said I wanted to be some sort of Superman and the things I’m doing at the moment it’s like I already am."
The assistant manager at Heron Foods said: "A sales assistant and the manager needed some help and Superman came along. We've got a hotline now to Superman in case there’s any more trouble."
Pork Villain appeared at Sheffield magistrates, Mirror reports. He admitted stealing £70 of bacon and is awaiting sentencing.
Junior, a Superman fanatic, is a regular figure at charity events in South Yorkshire. He said he imported his Superman outfit at £500 from Argentina.
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