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article imageReview: World War Z — Teaching hatred and bigotry

By Ruth Hull     Jul 5, 2013 in Entertainment
"World War Z" is an action packed movie that inspires blowing up those who are different — even when they are no longer a threat to you. This is a movie that teaches hate and glorifies intolerance against those less fortunate.
This Fourth of July a friend and I opted for a movie, instead of fireworks. Despite a host of good movies that are out in theaters, we decided to see World War Z after a young girl said her friends had told her World War Z was really good. After seeing this, I worry about the messages young people are receiving in the movies they watch.
Upon leaving the theater, my friend and I laughed about our terrible movie choice. We both agreed that this was among the worst — if not the very worst — movie either us had ever seen. My friend expressed surprise that Brad Pitt would be in such a terrible movie. I didn’t find it to be any surprise. Pitt backed Barack Obama for President and Obama was heavily invested in the bird flu vaccine when he ran for President. The movie’s cure for zombism is to inject oneself with the bird flu. Of course then, you have to use Obama’s H1N1 vaccine to avoid dying. It would be interesting to see whether Obama’s stock saw a rise from the distribution of this film.
Though the threat of zombiesm is eliminated through giving people the bird flu, the movie shows no sympathy for those already infected. The audience watches the supposed good guys rounding up the zombified humans into places like a stadium and blowing them up – as if this is a good thing. No threat anymore. Just blowing up people who are different. Isn’t that what George Zimmerman was doing in Florida? Zimmerman might actually get acquitted for shooting an unarmed Black kid and so maybe it has become acceptable to kill those who are different in our society. The movie makers must have felt enough people would support this genocide or they wouldn’t have put it into World War Z.
Of course, even people simply in danger of being infected are expendable. At one point in the movie, when zombies try to take over a plane, Pitt kills everyone on board by blowing out the side of the plane so that he and a female Israeli soldier can survive. One wonders whether the movie reflected some new found sense of morality — given that the Administration has been accused of doing Israel’s bidding in waging wars that blow up millions of brown people in the Middle East.
It is not too often I find a movie to be without any social redeeming value. However, I do try to avoid plague movies. The only good plague movie I’ve seen to date was Nicole Kidman’s and Daniel Craig’s The Invasion. However, of all the plague movies I’ve been roped into seeing, only World War Z has made it acceptable and positive to slaughter-en-masse people who have been overcome with disease. I can think of a European leader in the 1930s and 1940s who might have liked the moral code on which the movie was based. With this movie, Paramount has sung to a new all-time low.
My friend asked what kinds of people would like this move. It occurred to me that individuals whose morals are still forming might like it. Also, the movie probably gets support from people like George Zimmerman, the KKK, the Aryan Nations, and others who think those who are different are worth blowing away.
If you want to see a good movie this weekend, a couple still showing are Now You See Me and Star Trek: Into Darkness. I haven’t seen the Lone Ranger, or Iron Man III but they have to be better than a movie that glorifies massacring people who have gotten sick and are in need of assistance.
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