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article imageBeware — Yet another YouTube scam!

By Alexander Baron     Jul 3, 2013 in Crime
How many times have you heard the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?"
Alas, some people never learn. Most of us, actually.
Remember Prelaunch Australia, the company with the most amazing product since the wheel. Well, since the spaghetti tree. So what happened to it? Nothing actually, at least not after it took the money from all the suckers who signed up to it. It disappeared up its own exhaust pipe. Check out the Prelaunch Australia domain.
Now there is a new scammer in the global village, or perhaps it is the same one. Look at the two pictures below. The first is a screengrab from the Prelaunch Australia promotional video. The second is from one of the many videos promoting Tube Launch (or Tubelaunch) that can currently be found on YouTube. Is that the same woman? If not, it's her fraternal twin. Certainly the spiel is identical - we are the next new money making phenomenon. No hard work required, nor skill, all you have to do is upload videos. Oh, and send us $34 with a money back guarantee. What that means is send us $34 and we guarantee not to give you your money back. Ever.
One more question, who is us? That is indeed a good question. The domain was registered April 6 last year; it expires April 6, 2015. Who registered it remains a mystery, but the smart money says it was if not the same individual who registered the domain for Prelaunch Australia, then the same type of person.
Remember what the man said, there ain't no easy money. Except for the people behind Tubelaunch if you are dumb enough to send them your $34.00!
On the right of your screen is the woman from Tubelaunch. And on the left? This is empty  just like ...
On the right of your screen is the woman from Tubelaunch. And on the left? This is empty, just like her promises. Don't be scammed by this con woman, or anyone else who promises you something for nothing, because you will be the person who pays for the nothing.
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