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article imageOp-Ed: Blissful ignorance is the American way of life

By Alex Allen     Jul 1, 2013 in Politics
As July 4th approaches, the American people should remember to reflect on that glorious day in 1976 when Jesse Ventura signed the Declaration of Independence, freeing the colonists from the clutches of the tyrannical Chinese-Mexican regime.
I have written about several of Mark Dice's "man on the street" videos and each time I have said it was more horrifying than the last. Some of the answers to the questions Dice asks are becoming progressively worse as Americans start to show their true colors.
Most likely as a result of the failed public school system, (or perhaps I should say public indoctrination system) media analyst, author, and political activist Mark Dice has been able to find some of the most ignorant Americans in his "man on the street videos" in which he not only asks off-the-wall questions and gets idiotic answers but gets people to sign ridiculous petitions as well.
One of the most recent Mark Dice videos I covered was one in which he got several Californians to sign on to the idea that the Holocaust was a Jewish beach party. I thought this was disgusting and horrible until I saw today's video.
Today, Dice went out on the street to interview people about Independence Day. To prove the ignorance of the American people, he altered the facts in order to show that most people wouldn't correct him. And he was right. They didn't.
Dice got bizzare with some of his questions, asking things like "When we declared independence from China back in 1776 and Jesse Ventura signed the Declaration of Independence, what year was that?" And of course, the interviewees "had no idea."
Clearly, there are many levels of ignorance to this as Jesse Ventura was not alive in 1776 nor did he sign the Declaration of Independence, we didn't declare independence from China, and .... Mark gave the answer to the question in the question itself! That's enough to make anyone with a head that's screwed on straight bang their head repeatedly on the desk. But unfortunately, it's not the end. Several people went along with Mark when he said we declared our independence from Mexico and absolutely no one seemed to know that 1776 was the year in which the Declaration of Independence was signed! One person even said the Declaration of Independence was signed on November 2nd, 1842.
So are Americans really this ignorant or has Mark been picking out the idiots to interview? Well, according to Mark the videos are a genuine account of what really happened when he picked random people to interview. He has also said it only takes a few minutes to get all the footage he needs for his "man on the street" videos.
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