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article imageEgypt's military gives Morsi 48 hours to respond people's demands

By Abdul Kuddus     Jul 1, 2013 in World
Cairo - The protests of millions, flooding the streets of Egypt, resolute to evict Islamist President Mohamed Morsi out of power is visualized as the largest protest in human history, the biggest Egypt has seen since the 2011 revolt.
A military source in Egypt told AFP:
"It is the biggest protest in Egypt's history," adding that "millions" of people were on the streets across the country.
Morsi, a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader became Egypt’s first freely elected president in 2011, ending three decades of authoritarian Mubarak rule.
But his opponents say, he betrayed the revolution, empowered Islamists, and sidelined the ideals of democracy which was the hallmark of the Arab Spring in Egypt.
Ever since Morsi attained power, he has been battling a virulent opposition and the judiciary. Egypt’s economy is at its worst with soaring inflation and key tourism sector is in doldrums even after one year of Morsi’s rule.
While the beleaguered Morsi buckled under pressure and called for a dialogue to resolve the impasse, his call fell on deaf ears as the main opposition urged Egyptians to stay on the streets until Morsi stepped down.
The Egyptian army, which has been a mute spectator until now, has stepped in and has given an ultimatum of 48 hours to resolve the crisis, according to reports.
Reportedly the head of the Egyptian army, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a statement in what he described as the “glorious” demonstrations, which took place exactly a year after Mr. Morsi was inaugurated as president, could not go answered.
The statement said:
"The Armed Forces repeat its call for the people's demands to be met and give everyone 48 hours as a last chance to shoulder the burden of a historic moment for a nation that will not forgive or tolerate any party that is lax in shouldering its responsibility."
The Sunday protests far exceeded those that dismantled former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, what came to be known as Egypt’s Arab Spring.
Moreover, 22 million signatures garnered by the grass roots opposition group, Tamarud (Rebellion) in a nation of estimated 85 million people is a number that cannot be underestimated by any president or ruling political party.
While the Arab Spring that dismantled Hosni Mubarak’s entrenched rule was initially a revolt against corrupt authoritarian regime, the revolt against Morsi seems to be a rejection of the idea of Islamism.
With the army’s ultimatum of 48 hours to Mr. Morsi, the political landscape in Egypt has attained a new dimension.
And significantly, the massive outpouring of Egyptians on the streets seems to be an indication that there is more to Egypt and its culture than the Muslim Brotherhood.
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