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article imageWhat a sneeze says about a person's personality

By Timothy Whitt     Jul 1, 2013 in Science
Everyone has their own personal sneezing style. A recent study links a person's sneezing style to what kind of personality they have.
"I sneeze like a bird," says Kate. "My friends tell me if I don't let it out I'm going to explode."
Mike on the other hand lets it all hang out when he sneezes. "My sneezes," he says, " can be heard across the room."
According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist, psychiatrist and founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, "Sneezes are like laughter. Some [laughs] are loud, some are soft. And it’s similar with sneezing. It will often be the same from youth onward in terms of what it sounds like."
Sneezing is an involuntary response used to clear germs and bacteria from the body. But people also have some control over the way they sneeze. Over the years people develop their own sneezing style which they use in social settings.
According to a recent US study, "A loud, explosive sneeze is likely to come from an outgoing, demonstrative person, while someone who's shy will hold back, resulting in a stifled squeak."
The form of the nose and or the bone structure of the face also "provide for certain types of sneezing styles, in a similar way our voicing style also depends on face anatomy."
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