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article imageOp-Ed: Boxing fans buy Mayweather fights to see him lose

By Leo Reyes     Jun 29, 2013 in Sports
Aside from his extraordinary skill as a veteran boxer, pound-for-pound king and unbeaten fighter Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is also an expert in marketing and sales promotions.
Mayweather's extraordinary marketing and promotional skills come in handy with his efforts in maximizing his income whenever he embarks on a campaign to promote his fights.
Seemingly, Mayweather is aware that a good number of boxing fans buy tickets to watch him lose a fight as he has not lost one since his first fight as a professional boxer.
Critics attribute these fans' buying and patronizing habits to his boastfulness, insulting or intimidating talks, borderline racial slurs, and other trash-talking and at times insulting words that are intended to please his passionate fans and irritate the loyal fans of his opponent.
In both cases, he gets his tickets sold not only to his fans but more so to his opponent's supporters who want to see him lose a fight.
Since the beginning of the Pacquiao-Mayweather rivalry more than three years ago, Mayweather had capitalized on Pacquiao's popularity to draw public awareness for his fights. He knows that if he talks about Pacquiao, people will get interested in boxing particularly on the chances of getting the fight done.
In the same manner, Pacquiao has never failed to answer questions about him and Mayweather fighting in the near future. In so doing they both benefit from their own distinct popularity to draw more people into the sport. In the end they both benefit by influencing their fans to patronize their fights.
But public awareness and recall are unique in the case of Mayweather as he gets critics who hate him to buy tickets for his fights just to see how he struggles and lose to his potential opponent.
In his upcoming fight with Canelo Alvarez, Mayweather was asked if the fight will satisfy critics who blames him for ducking Manny Pacquiao, he told that it would not please these critics even if he wins, adding that people will say he had too much experience for Alvarez.
Indeed, he cannot please everyone. But he knows that these critics, who are mostly Mayweather haters, will buy his fights. It doesn't matter perhaps if they really wanted to see him lose a fight so long as they buy tickets or subscribe to his CBS/Showtime pay-per-view.
A noted PR practitioner has a good advise to entertainers, sportsmen or anyone who needs publicity to enhance their public image and popularity. He said; "It doesn't matter if it is a good or bad publicity, what is important is you get the public to talk about you in media. Turning a bad into a good publicity is the easiest thing to do if you have a good PR man or publicist."
In Mayweather's case, he doesn't have to worry because he is equally good in PR and publicity.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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