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article imageVideo: Americans believe the Holocaust is a Jewish beach party

By Alex Allen     Jun 27, 2013 in Politics
Are there really people in America who are so uninformed that they would believe someone who says the Holocaust is an annual beach festival? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.
Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist and author and he has never been too shy about letting people know what he thinks. In one of his YouTube videos he called the pope a "pathetic pedophile protecting piece of poop" when talking about the secrets of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. He also called Michelle Obama "the whore of D.C." after she appeared at the 2013 Oscars ceremony to hand out the award for best picture.
Mark has also made some very bold statements with his petitions. He has shown that a lot of Americans (or at least Californians) will believe and sign just about anything, getting them to sign petitions to repeal the first and second amendments and to increase inflation to 100%. One of Mark's more recent videos, however, is arguably the most insane thus far; people in California actually believe the Holocaust was an annual Jewish festival and signed a petition to save it!
In a video from June 3, 2013, Mark Dice went around asking people to sign a petition to save the "annual Holocaust festival." He told them that, because of recent budget cuts, the city would not be funding the festival this year, which he said was a huge Jewish festival where Jewish people gather together, bury people in the sand for fun and roast pigs to celebrate the Holocaust.
Rather than being laughed at or ignored, however, Dice actually received several signatures on the petition, proving that a lot of Americans are very ill-informed and gullible.
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