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article imageDisney's Pixar banking future on Monster's U

By Timothy Whitt     Jun 27, 2013 in Business
Since Toy Story, Pixar has had a track record of cranking out hits. That is until recently with the poor box office performance of Brave and Cars 2. Pixar is hoping to rebound with their film Monster's University.
Financially, Disney's Pixar has been a money making machine. Over the years, "the fortunes of Pixar, now owned by Disney, have risen or fallen based on the essential quality of its films."
History was once on Pixar's side. Their first movie, Toy Story was innovative and fun to watch. Their animation, done on a computer instead of individually filmed cells, changed the cartooning world for good. Within a decade the old 2D format of such Disney features as Snow White and the Lion King were replaced by pixels on a computer.
Pixar took inanimate objects like toys and common pests and turned them into family friendly favorites.
Since 1995 Pixar has managed to string together a series of not only financially successful films at the box office but also films, like the three Toy Story movies and Finding Nemo, which the critics even loved. In 2011, Cars 2 became Pixar's first film to slip at the box office. Pixar followed Cars 2, by releasing Brave which did better at the box office, but was still not as successful as other Pixar films.
Over the years Pixar has degenerated into just one studio of many studios who now make computer animated movies. Pixar is now pitted against such studios as Dreamworks who has had some measured success with computer animation. Dreamworks has also managed to wrestle away some box office dollars from Disney and Pixar.
While, "it might be the end of the golden age" of Pixar, when the company loomed over all the other animation studios, Pixar is still out making innovative films.
Monster's University is Pixar's 14th film, and is actually a prequel to it's highly successful 2001 film Monster's Inc. Monster's U has done well at the box office so far. The film opened at number 1 with a weekend gross of $82 million. Most movie purest though are looking forward to 2014 and Pixar's next original film, 'The Good Dinosaur' in order to ascertain whether the company can once again become the innovate and sure money maker's they once were.
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