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Global TV Vancouver meteorologist loses it live over spider pic

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 24, 2013 in Entertainment
Personable meteorologist Kristi Gordon in Vancouver shed her 'I'm-doing-a-broadcast' persona and got truthful, and animated, last week. Live on the air Gordon freaked out about a spider - that wasn't real. It was the image of one from the weathercam.
But hey, that image was crawling upon her head and kept coming back. Gordon clearly was having her worst nightmare and though in shoes that weren't made for sprinting, that's what she did, catapulting herself across the frame of the camera.
"Oh my gosh. That was creepy. Of course it had to be right on my head," she screeched. “I hate it! I can’t stand it! I gotta keep going. It just really creeps me out!"
Meteorologist and spiders (sort of)
There were more exclamations from Gordon and while she tried to get it together, those scary weathercam spiders continued to freak her out. Her fellow Global TV broadcasters pointed out there were no actual spiders and offered to take over. But she bucked up nicely and did the professional thing and managed to get back to the weather.
The video has gotten around and she is being kept appraised of its popularity by tweets. She made PerezHilton and Radaronline and as Gordon herself tweeted, has done even better: "On the Today Show, too," she tweeted. "i love that this has gone viral! on cnn this morning too!"
She admitted on twitter that it's not the first time she's had broadcasting freak-outs revolving around images of spiders and we suspect it may not be the last, especially now that the crew in the studio know just how skittish she can be.
Kristi Gordon and the Attack of the Pretend Spiders is closing in on 2 million views.
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