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Video: Chris O'Dowd chews fly to death in The Graham Norton Show

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 23, 2013 in Entertainment
A fly joined Kristen Wiig, Steve Carrell and Chris O'Dowd at a recent BBC One "Graham Norton Show." Cracking jokes they swatted till it disappeared. O'Dowd drank water from his glass and discovered it wasn't a bit of ice he just crushed between his teeth.
During the brief moment the fly left, Carell shared a plan for its capture if it dares return, gloating ahead of victory, "That fly has no idea the danger it’s in right now... Oh, I so hope he comes back."
Carell's wish came true. The fly returned, but in an unexpected way.
The look in O'Dowd's face after he gulps water from his glass tells the story. O dear! Now what do I do? Spit it out right in front of the cameras or mind my table manners?
Reason triumphs over the instincts of etiquette training. He spits it out.
O'Dowd: "Oh my God!"
Norton: "Did you drink the fly? Is he alive in your hand?"
O'Dowd: "I gotta tell you, I chewed it. I took the drink and I realized that I didn't have any ice in there."
He drops the insect on the table while Carell and Wiig bust into laughter.
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