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article imageNew project allows you to send a message to deep space

By Micki Hogan     Jun 22, 2013 in Science
A new group made of scientists businessmen, and entrepreneurs have founded a project called the Lone Signal Project that will allow you to send a personal message into deep space for free.
If you have ever wanted to ask an alien what is it like to live on another planet or wanted to send a message into the heavens now you can. The new project called the Lone Signal Project is allowing anyone in the general public to send one message into deep space for free.
It will take 18 years for the signal to reach it's targeted planet, Gliese 526. The planet is 17.6 light-years from Earth. According to a report from Jason Silva, the host of "Brain Games" on the National Geographic Channel said
This signal, in 19 hours, will go farther than the Voyager spacecraft has in 40 years,
Silva spoke to a crowd during the launch of the project on June 17. The website Lone Signal Project went live on that day and has been sending messages into space since.
The signal will be sent by the Jamesburg Earth Station where a central California radio dish was built in 1968. The signal will be aimed towards that planet until further notice but it also may be changed in the future to target a different area of space.
One of the first messages sent was sent by famous futurist Ray Kurzweil and it said
Greetings to Gliese 526 from Singularity University. As you receive this, our computers have made us smarter, the better to understand you and the wisdom of the universe
Gliese 526 is a small red dwarf planet which may hold the necessary components for life. This project is one that hopes the life out there will receive the signal and understand that we, as humans are curious and intelligent.
If you would like to send a message visit the Lone Signal Project website. To stay up to date with all things Space related visit or
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