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article imageWatch Happy the rottweiler rescue chiweenie Trixxie from coyote

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 20, 2013 in Internet
The video shows an incredible moment—a brave black rottweiler named Happy rescued a tiny chihuhua-wiener called Trixxie from a coyote that almost carried her off for dinner.
According to Trixxie's lucky owner, YouTube user jdpmep, the incident occurred at about 7 a.m. after his spouse left the little dog chained outside for a few minutes while she used the restroom. He points out that prior to the incident there had never been a coyote sighting in the area (we aren't told where).
The coyote almost succeeded in its evil plan. Trixxie stood no chance against the marauding beast.
But look! Who comes streaking in a flash to the rescue? Happy the rottweiler.
Happy the rottweiler rescues Trixxie the chiweenie from coyote
Happy the rottweiler rescues Trixxie the chiweenie from coyote
Happy is actually a neighbor's dog, jdpmep tells us. Talking about looking out for your neighbor, a dog sets inimitable example for us selfish humans. We pay tribute to Happy's outstanding bravery and sense of duty. Coyote's have been known to maul even big dogs.
Trixxie's owner said the little dog got "a few punctures but little bleeding and is just fine."
Three cheers for Happy!
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